Gustavo Conti’s message to Ximena Capristo after the infidelity

Gustavo Conti's message to Ximena Capristo after the infidelity

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After very tense weeks between Ximena Capristo Y Gustavo Conti for the public messages that reveal infidelity by the actor, he decided to break the silence and dedicate a post to his wife for the Mother’s Day.
After the scandal, Capristo insisted it should be Conti who come out to explain about what happened, but that nevertheless, he did not think he was going to do it.

Instead, former Big Brother opted for dedicate a few words to your wife under the legend: We love you … just for being unique and wonderful, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY “.

In the post we can see a video of the star with her son Felix Conti, informal and fun, playing in a park in Tiger. The clip already adds 129,586 views and Conti decided close the comments of the same to be able to share the moment without anyone commenting on it in the publication.

Look at the message that Gustavo Conti dedicated to Xime Capristo!


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