Hair with highlights and no marked effect? Discover new coloring technique

 Hair with highlights and no marked effect? Discover new coloring technique

With the arrival of summer, the desire to change the look soon hits, especially when it comes to hair color. For those who do not intend to radicalize, light hair is a good choice to redesign the look and brighten the hair. For the summer, the trend is Carioca Glow, a technique that mixes tones to achieve a natural and very light effect. Want to know more? The expert Gabi Balan, from TP Beauty Lounge, told Purepeople everything. Look!

Learn how the Carioca Glow technique works

The new coloring technique guarantees a more natural and illuminated effect because up to three shades of locks are applied, which are not marked. “I apply the coloring on the root – if you need to cover it white, it covers it already – and locate the various shades of locks in the hair. I do everything together. Who doesn’t need to do the background, put the locks in a light spot, to brighten the face of the person “, details Gabi. As the root is not apparent, maintenance is more spaced and can be done every 5 months.

Very dark hair needs to discolor

The hairstylist also points out that the technique works on all types of hair, but who has the darkest hair goes through extra steps, depending on the tone chosen. “If the person wants very light hair, you need to discolor, but always very safely and using the right products. The tone indicated goes a lot of what matches and what the person wants. It must be done in a way that looks very natural, regardless of the client’s color background and chosen tone “.

Check out the most suitable shades to achieve the illuminated look

To rock in the summer and conquer that typical glow of the summer in Rio, Gabi indicates shades of blonde and, for brunettes, caramel, honey or hazelnut, that guarantee a very natural effect. “This does not mean that a brunette cannot be blonde, it is not that. But that it is a tone with natural nuances, without being a flat and marked color, made in a very smooth way”, recommends the professional.

The care you need before and after coloring

It is also worth remembering that, to keep the coloring effect even more beautiful, it is necessary to take good care of the wires, before and after doing the technique. “It is very important that the hair is hydrated and resistant to receive any type of coloring or discoloration. You can do pre-chemical treatments in the salon or be able to keep it at home, with good products indicated by professionals”. In addition, products with thermal protection and specific for colored hair are essential in the summer! “As the wires are always exposed, I always indicate a leave-in with SPF to protect the color and avoid dipping the wires in chlorine. There is no worse villain! “, He concludes.

(By Marina Couto)


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