Havan launches Luciano Hang’s ‘patriotic’ superhero doll

Havan launches Luciano Hang's 'patriotic' superhero doll

The Havan store chain launched a doll by businessman Luciano Hang under the name of Captain Brazil. The toy has been sold in units since last week for R $ 14.99.

“Due to the visibility that Luciano was having as a patriot, raising the Brazilian flag, Sulamericana decided to honor him and create a doll”, says Kiko Smitas, president of Sulamericana, a costume and toy company that manufactures the miniature, commissioned by Havan, as determined by the newspaper O Tempo.

“It’s not just for children. It can be fixed on badges and computers too ”, adds Smitas.

In addition to the doll, the toy maker also put the Captain Patriot costume on sale. The goal is to launch a character line in the future with various costumes, such as green and yellow suits or T-shirts with political messages, just like Hang usually wears.

Owner of the rights of the toy, Sulamericana considers that the superhero is in the same level of names as Wonder Woman and Superman of DC.

“We are also going to launch a line of DC dolls like Superman and Wonder Woman. And Luciano fits that, he is the Brazilian superhero. There are many children who are inspired by him ”, says Smitas.


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