He comments on his alleged demands!

He comments on his alleged demands!

With his Instagram video from Thursday (October 8th) Michael Wendler (48) not only for the bewilderment of his fans and his Manager Markus Krampe taken care of. The advertising partners also reacted promptly to the controversial corona statements. The supermarket chain “Kaufland” canceled its advertising campaign with the pop singer. But now the ex-DSDS-Juror one step further and allegedly makes crazy demands, as a report in the “Heilbronner Voice” revealed.

Michael Wendler: Now he's making crazy demands!

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Michael Wendler: Now he’s making crazy demands!

You can see what statements Michael Wendler caused a sensation online in the video below.

Michael Wendler calls for 200,000 euros

Michael Wendler

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Michael Wendler

On Thursday “Kaufland” published a promotional video in which the 48-year-old together with his wife Laura Müller (20) stood in front of the camera for the supermarket chain. At the same time, the pop singer posted his own video on social networks, in which he not only announced his prompt exit from the jury of “Germany is looking for the superstar”, but also announced to the federal government in the Corona crisis “serious violations of the constitution and that Basic Law “accused. There were also other expressions of confused conspiracy theories.

Michael Wendler: This is how he announces his DSDS-off



“Kaufland” had the same day Consequences pulled, deleted the already published advertising campaign from all channels and distanced itself from Wendler’s statements. Nevertheless, the pop singer is said to have charged the supermarket chain 200,000 euros. The sum is said to have been confirmed by informed circles of the German Press Agency on Friday (October 9th). It was initially unclear whether Wendler was entitled to the agreed fee.

Michael Wendler & Laura Müller: After the DSDS scandal: This commercial is on everyone’s lips



This is how Kaufland reacted to Wendler’s demands

Part of the requested money has now flowed, as the German press agency claims to have found out. Nevertheless, the supermarket chain declined to comment because contractual agreements are generally treated confidentially. Nevertheless, the company announced on Friday: “According to his current statements, Mr. Wendler is no longer a suitable advertising medium for Kaufland. We can rule out any further cooperation with Mr. Wendler.”

You can see in the video below which commercial caused a lot of discussion and discussion for a day.

Update: 10. October

Michael Wendler describes his demand as “fake news”

In the meantime, the 48-year-old has commented on the rumors of claims. In his Instagram story, Michael described his alleged claim to have billed Kaufland 200,000 euros as “fake news”. Apparently he should not have issued an invoice, nor in the amount of that amount.

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