He comments on Laura’s corona statement

He comments on Laura's corona statement

Michael Wendler married Laura Müller just a few weeks ago – and he’s already putting his marriage to the test. After his controversial Corona statements, the 20-year-old first commented on her husband’s statements a few days ago – and the pop singer also has something to say about that.

Laura Müller, Michael Wendler

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Laura Müller, Michael Wendler

Michael Wendler, 48, signed up a week ago keen on the corona measures the federal government – with fatal business consequences. RTL has confirmed the end of a collaboration with the singer and DSDS jurors who left voluntarily. Advertising partners like “Kaufland” promptly terminate their cooperation. wife Laura Müller, 20, however, seems to stick to her loved one – with reservations.

Michael Wendler: His wife is “Switzerland”

In her Insta story a few days ago, the 20-year-old says: “Of course I will not part with Michael. We are a happily married couple. I love Michael and what kind of wife I would be if I abandoned him now ? “. At the same time, however, she distances herself from his Corona statements: “I am Switzerland,” she states and thus expresses her alleged neutrality on the subject.

“Laura has never been very political”

Now Wendler speaks up and comments on his wife’s statements via his new Telegram channel via voice message: “With Laura it is the case that she has her own opinion and does not necessarily represent the views that I represent,” explains he. “Although Laura, my wife, has never actually been very political.”

To manager Markus Krampewho completely dissolved and close to tears last Thursday (October 8th) in Oliver Pocher’s RTL show “Dangerously Honest!” Commenting on the completely surprising behavior of his artist, the pop star also has a word to say: “Yesterday I had a long conversation with my manager who, in my opinion, is very unhappy with Oliver Pocher has expressed about myself. I made it very clear to him that calling myself crazy was a no-go. ”

Sources used: Instagram, Pocher – dangerously honest!

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