He stole 60 million from Ecclestone, taken in Italy

He stole 60 million from Ecclestone, taken in Italy

A new piece is added to the investigation into the mega hit worth 60 million euros at the Ecclestone home, which took place on December 13, 2019: an alleged member of the six-person gang who robbed the police was arrested in Santa Marinella, on the coast north of Rome. London villa in Kensington by Tamara Ecclestone, daughter of Formula 1 patron Bernie.

He stole 60 million from Ecclestone, taken in Italy

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He stole 60 million from Ecclestone, taken in Italy

Arrest that follows a few months after that which took place in August in Milan, when a man with a history of theft and a friend of his were captured, always accused of having participated in the robbery of millionaire jewels (there was talk of 70 million pounds, even if the British police had later circulated lower figures).

On Friday afternoon, the agents of the Viminal Commissariat of Rome captured the 23-year-old Italian citizen of Sinti origin who usually resides in the Milanese area and was the recipient of a European arrest warrant issued last July by the United Kingdom authorities at the end of a survey conducted by Scotland Yard.

The exchange of information with the Italian investigators (including the men of the Milan flying squad) made it possible to ascertain that the fugitive was actually also one of the 4 scammers who last September 16 had deceived a couple who had intended to renovate the castle of property.

A blow that had yielded 480 thousand euros. The investigations on the man made it possible to tighten the circle until he found him in the house offered on loan by an acquaintance. But the most important investigation concerns the sensational theft that occurred in the 57-room villa of Kensington Palace: the thieves took advantage of Ecclestone’s Christmas holidays in Lapland, who left with her husband shortly before on their own private jet.

The blow against the heiress caused a sensation for the extent of the loot, which was never found, and for the place where it had occurred: the golden mile of the British capital, where Prince William and his family also live. , therefore one of the most guarded places in the UK.

The turning point the investigation took place in January when a Romanian domestic worker, Maria Mester, 47, and her son Emil-Bogdan Savastru, 29, were arrested. She had been stopped at London Stansted airport on her way back from Italy, where she lives, with a pair of £ 300,000 earrings that the indictment claimed belonged to billionaire Tamara.

The son, on the other hand, had been blocked while trying to get on a plane to Japan with a luxurious Louis Vuitton suitcase similar to one of those stolen. According to the prosecution he would have rented the luxury residence where the gang stayed before and after the theft.

Their trial opened in London in August, remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, but both denied the allegations. Alexandru Stan, 49-year-old security officer, and 52-year-old barman Sorin Marcovici, are also at the bar. Now, with the arrest of the 23-year-old taken to Rebibbia prison, another chapter opens in the mystery of the disappearance of Tamara’s millionaire jewels .


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