Healers who fall ill

Healers who fall ill


At the end of the day, the economy does not find a remedy for its critical situation, and the health of thousands of people worsens at every step due to the effects of their economic situation, among other iatrogenic reasons.

Derived from the Greek words iatros (doctor) and genius (produce), iatrogenesis is the treatment that worsens what it aims to cure. Illness produced by the doctor. In Argentina, a terrible management of the pandemic translates it into more than one million people infected by coronavirus, about 30 thousand deaths, more than 3 and a half million jobs lost and an impossible to measure sequel of mental, mood and pathological emotional.

A team of thirteen neurobiologists from Tel Aviv University studied the brain volumes of a population before, during and after being quarantined.

The scans confirmed what could be perceived in people’s behavior. During quarantine, the volume of the amygdala, the putamen (a structure located in the center of the brain) and the anterior temporal cortex, areas related to stress, anxiety and traumatic situations increased.

After the quarantine, the researchers point out, there was a decrease in the increased volumes and the consequent relief of symptoms and conditions. The work can be seen on bioRxyv, a server specialized in biology. As human beings are essentially the same organismically, the Israeli experience can be considered applicable to all similar in situations like the one studied.

Also here, where the official slides (an obsolete communication method in itself) are usually plagued by errors and confusion that are read as dogmas, where they hide more than they show and where the statistics are so unreliable than dedicated international organizations. the subject excluded the country from their records.

Landslides. The fallacy presented as an inevitable choice between economy and health collapsed under the weight of the facts. The principle of reality, so well described by Freud at the time, prevailed over the story, over the Cantinflesque language or language worthy of the best Fidel Pintos that is heard in presidential and ministerial voices. The serious and unresolved diseases of the economy deeply corrode health in the broadest sense of this. That is, in the psychosomatic sense.

Psyche is soul and soma is body. True health includes both and needs a social, moral, family, work and financially decent environment to be able to unfold. Many people (less and less) were not attacked by Covid-19 in the country and that does not mean that they are healthy, as could be assumed from the precarious official mental model and its experts, who now seem to be in retreat or claiming innocence.

Health goes far beyond the absence of disease. The American psychotherapist and writer Thomas Moore, a former seminarian and profound student of myths and religions, has been researching this question for years and works in hospitals and clinics trying to connect health professionals with the understanding that healing and healing are not They are the same thing and that who should be healthy is the person, as an integral individual, and not just their body.

Author of The care of the soul, The relationships of the soul and The black nights of the soul, in addition to other works, Moore goes to depth with this conception in a book that would not be too much on the bedside table of any doctor or specialist who has an intimate commitment to your profession.

That book is The Care of the Soul in Medicine, and a careful reading of its pages is especially revealing and mobilizing at times like the present, when a bizarre and fallacious idea of ​​health has been taken as a shield to cover various incompetencies at the cost of mental and emotional stability, work, projects, hopes and, ultimately, the future of thousands of people.

Scientific advance and moral regression. There is nothing abstract, ethereal, romantic, or light spiritualism about the soul that Moore talks about. The author defines it embedded in everyday life, in its small details, chores, achievements and sufferings. He sees a soul that asks for space and is not afraid of the mud of life, but acts from there as a mediator and nexus between body and spirit (psyche and soma again). If politics, economics and business have lost connection with the soul, so has medicine, Moore warns.

The body is treated as an artifact and the brain as a computer that can be downloaded applications. Scientific advancement and moral regression go together in this field, as in so many. The gaps and the gap between the knowledge and techniques of medicine and science and the deep needs of people are widening.

When you stop seeing these as such (politicians and governments have done so for a long time), it is easy to come up with lying options, such as the economy or health, without knowing what is being talked about in either case and ignoring the suffering real of embodied beings.

*Writer and journalist.


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