Health clarifies that the flu vaccine is safe for people who have had Covid-19

Health clarifies that the flu vaccine is safe for people who have had Covid-19

Vaccine, vaccination, flu, illness, nurse, injection

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Vaccine, vaccination, flu, illness, nurse, injection

The Ministry of Health issued a statement on Friday to clarify that the flu vaccine, whose administration season began a few weeks ago, is not contraindicated for patients who suffer or have suffered from Covid-19. It’s more: Health “recommends” these people and also risk groups get a flu shot this year.

“If they have had mild or asymptomatic coronavirus, should be vaccinated after the end of the recommended isolation days, while in patients admitted for this disease, it will be the health personnel who will establish the appropriate moment to administer the vaccine, taking into account their clinical situation, “explains the ministry led by Salvador Illa.

This year, flu vaccination is critical because “recent evidence shows that the mortality of Covid-19 patients can double when they are also infected by the flu virus “, recalls Health.” In addition, close contacts of a confirmed case of Covid-19, who belong to the groups in which vaccination against influenza is recommended are recommended to be vaccinated once the quarantine period has passed if they have not developed symptoms “, he raises.

“There are no known medical contraindications to vaccinate people who have passed the Covid-19 and, in principle, it would not be necessary to wait a specific time after the illness. All influenza vaccines available during this campaign are inactivated. And the contraindications that they present are, as in most vaccines, suffering from a moderate or severe acute illness; having suffered a serious allergic reaction to any component of the vaccine or after having received a previous dose of influenza vaccine “, details the Ministry.

The flu vaccine is also indicated for immunosuppressed people or pregnant women. “What’s more, these groups are prioritized for vaccination,” the statement said.


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