Here comes the tastiest recipe for autumn

Here comes the tastiest recipe for autumn

The best thing about autumn? In the wide knitted sweater you can’t see the calories that are in the delicious S’Mores. Here comes the best recipe

S'Mores are the perfect autumn snack iStockphoto

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S’Mores are the perfect autumn snack iStockphoto

Admit it: your mouth watered at the sight of our S’More picture. We understand that, after all, sweets are the most delicious things autumn has to offer.

Was sind S’Mores?

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The original recipe comes from North America, the name means something like “Some More”. The main ingredient of S’Mores are marshmallows, which are roasted – preferably over an open fire. These are packed between two crackers and lightly mashed. The Americans choose “graham crackers” for the classic recipe, or wholegrain shortbread biscuits are an alternative. If you like it really sweet, you can choose chocolate cookies as “burger slices” for the marshmallows. A small chocolate bar under the marshmallows makes the sweet snack perfect.

Marshmallows voice

The recipe for S’Mores is perfect for fall, as the marshmallows are traditionally roasted over the campfire. To do this, they are put on long skewers, preferably made of hazelnut, willow or beech. If you want to prepare S’Mores in the kitchen, you can lightly roast them from above in a baking dish in the oven and then make the “sandwich”.

And if you ever sit around the campfire: Here you will find a delicious recipe for homemade stick bread.


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