Hidalgo replaces PREP with a computer system

Hidalgo replaces PREP with a computer system

In Hidalgo, The general council of the State Electoral Institute of Hidalgo (IEEH) endorsed replacing the implementation of the Preliminary Results Program (PREP) by a computer system called Preliminares Hidalgo 2020.

Hidalgo replaces PREP with a computer system

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Hidalgo replaces PREP with a computer system

In a session that lasted until dawn, it was reported that the decision was made after the service provider did not present the platform on which the electoral results of the elections would be disseminated.

During the reading of the agreement, the executive secretary of the IEEH, Uriel Lugo Huerta, specified that the contracted company “failed to deliver the publication site” in the terms indicated by the regulations of the National Electoral Institute (INE).

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Before the agreement was voted, the representatives of Morena, PT, PESH and PVEM who are allied in common candidacies, said they did not accompany the determination to replace the PREP with Preliminaries Hidalgo 2020, considering that this will not give certainty and will damage the elections.

On the other hand, parties such as PRI, PAN, PRD, expressed their confidence in the implementation of the computer system, since they recognized that otherwise the citizens would remain uncertain about the trends, since they would have to wait until Wednesday for the final calculations .


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