Hidden sugar and its health risk

Hidden sugar and its health risk

It may not be a visible ingredient, but it is, and in excess

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It may not be a visible ingredient, but it is, and in excess

Sugar comes in different forms such as sucrose (sugar), dextrose, and high fructose corn syrup.

Many products contain these sugars, for example, industrialized cereals, breads, cookies, mayonnaise, peanut butter, sauces, and many other processed products.

In the last two decades there has been an increase in the consumption of products made with sugar, from food to a wide variety of beverages.

What are the health effects of excess sugar?

Eating too much of foods and drinks with a high percentage of sugar can have several repercussions on your health. Here are some:

A high blood glucose level stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin, which, in turn, causes the blood glucose level to drop rapidly. These rapid fluctuations in blood glucose levels are not healthy.

Likewise, in people with diabetes, the hyperglycemia generated by the consumption of excess sugar can have irreversible consequences. More information consult holadoctor.com/diabetes

  • Increased insulin levels

In addition, by raising glucose levels, insulin inhibits the release of growth hormones and causes a depression of the immune system.

Increased insulin promotes fat storage. You can gain weight and in some cases triglyceride levels in the blood can rise. Which is associated with cardiovascular diseases.

Replace sugar and avoid being overweight

Beware of overeating:

  • Sucrose (sugar)
  • Fructose
  • Honey
  • Maltose

Hidden sugar

Many products have sugar in apparent form, while in others it remains hidden. Some examples are:

Popcorn with caramel, peanuts and caramelised nuts, industrialized cereals, industrialized juices, raisins and other crystallized fruits, tomato sauces, mayonnaise, milkshakes, flavored yogurt and some soups.

Do you know how much sugar is in your drinks?

It is advisable to avoid consuming too many products with labels with sugar and / or reading the nutritional content labels and avoid overindulging in consuming these products in large quantities, as well as checking the content of sucrose, fructose, honey, maltose, dextrose or corn syrup. high in fructose.

He is alert to locate where the hidden sugar is. Control overindulging in products that have a lot of sugar!


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