High school fashion is back, more adult and more fashion. Look tips!

 High school fashion is back, more adult and more fashion. Look tips!

A quick look at street style confirms that high school fashion is back. However, if the style followed a more romantic and girlie vibe to the letter, fashionistas updated the trend towards a more adult, sophisticated and much less childish fashion. He wants to know how to join the trend. Purepeople gathered pieces, accessories and tips to inspire you. Check out!

Bet on less colored and more neutral chess

The chess pieces, especially the sets with a coat and pleated skirt, are very characteristic of the collegiate style. For an updated version of the trend, plaid acquires more sober tones, such as gray and wine, and skirts are less round – but not less short. You can also exchange chess for more fashionista prints, like animal print, following the same proposal.

Go out with a sock? The chunky shoe balances the girlie look

Another classic combination of high school style is skirts with meias socks. But this time, the doll shoe was left out and heavier accessories came on the scene, like chunky boots and sports shoes. The moccasin in dark tones also makes a good pair in the look, perfect to balance the more girlie production.

Leather jacket with delicate collar is fashion!

Ruffled collars or lacy details are part of high school fashion. To make the style more fashion and sophisticated, the request is to wear it together with a leather jacket. Don’t have the part? No problem! Sweatshirts or sports jackets also take the most caricature out of high school fashion. Complement with sunglasses with antique frames!

Invest in shiny accessories

The collegiate style is evident in the looks, but accessories can also enter this trend. Tiaras, berets and barrettes are practical and are booming in the street style, but, for a fresh look, invest in accessories with sparkles, stones and rhinestones. It is a luxury! In the hairstyle, ballerina-style buns and braids do justice to this return to school, only in a more fashion way!

(By Marina Couto)


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