High self-esteem is allowed!

High self-esteem is allowed!

High self-esteem is allowed!

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High self-esteem is allowed!

High self-esteem is allowed YES!

I, Marina, queen of the More Humor Please column, on Saturdays, decreed it.

You can find the last bologna on the cheese tray.

Being chubby and wearing a bikini?

It can.

Do you want to go out with a piece of each print on a Wednesday afternoon?

Why not?!

You have to find yourself, yes.

When you love yourself as you are, you teach the world to love you.

And, let’s face it, nobody likes people with low self-esteem.

Because we soon want to buy ice cream for the person.

My body has a lot of curves.

I look like the mountain of Petrópolis.

Sometimes, I think there is no one who will like me like that.

But, others, I think I will rock.

And then I come to the fateful conclusion: some people like to climb the mountain, after all.

So having high self-esteem has nothing to do with comparing yourself.

It is also not about tricking others.

Or be arrogant.

This is very ugly, by the way.

For arrogant people, we advise you to hang a watermelon on your head.

And hit the wall.

There is a sharp difference between having self-esteem and feeling better than someone else.

Having high self-esteem is about loving yourself.

Cut your hair for you.

Get dressed for you.

Go out with someone because you want to, not because the other insists.

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The more we “find ourselves”, the more we raise our standard of choice.

When you love yourself, you don’t want to be mistreated.

You are happy for your own achievements.

So, you understand that you are worthy of many things.

When you love yourself, the world shines.

People have more beauty, you are happier.

Everyone wins, anyway.

If everyone had high self-esteem, the world would be more contemplative.

Less competitive.

Everyone would know their own values.

Nobody would take shit home.

Everyone would help each other.

And they would sit down together to share the last leftover coke.


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