Hold on, please! Shoulder bags from the 90s will become a trend this fall

 Hold on, please! Shoulder bags from the 90s will become a trend this fall

Bag trend: 90ies shoulder bags in autumn 2020 Imaxtree

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Bag trend: 90ies shoulder bags in autumn 2020 Imaxtree

  • Shoulder bags from the 90s are experiencing a trend comeback
  • We wear the bag trend in autumn in subtle looks

It’s like this with the 1990s: you are always welcome. Whether you’re zapping through an iconic film from the decade or rediscovering a well-known fashion trend – a bit of positive nostalgia always resonates. This is also the case with the 90ies-inspired shoulder bags, which will again become a trend in autumn.

They are compact, stand out thanks to their short shoulder straps and their discreet look – a real classic that was already a big topic in the 90s and now wants to be part of the bag trends again. And we have to admit: This trend is entirely to our taste, because the 90ies shoulder bags are not only super fashionable, but also the perfect companion for strolls through town, dinner and the like.

Shoulder bags from the 90s are a must-have in autumn!

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From large fashion houses to current trend labels: the shoulder bags in the 90ies style are currently showing a permanent presence – so you can hardly break out of their clutches. And honestly, I don’t want to. The model of choice has an elongated shape and saves on details that show up, for example, in subtle gold applications or a crocodile embossing. That’s how he steers Pocket trend In no way detracts from the look, but sets stylish accents and ensures the fashionable rounding off.

And, of course, the way of carrying is part of the overall concept: you don’t hold the shoulder bag in your hand, but hang it on your shoulder (as it was in the 1990s, by the way) – it not only looks particularly casual, but also very elegant.

Style-conscious into autumn: this is how we carry the bag trend in the new season!

The shoulder bag from the 90s is predestined for an understatement, which of course we also achieve with the look. So we approach the combination primarily with muted colors, high-quality material mixtures and classic cuts. Means in detail: While cigarette pants with a white shirt and Loafern With a chunky heel for an androgynous business look, you can style an everyday outfit with a satin skirt and knitted sweater in a tone-on-tone look.

For dinner or evening occasions, saturated colors can be used and contrasted with the bag. It doesn’t look overloaded, but stylish and fashion-conscious.


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