“Hopefully 2021 brings more surprises”


From Alicante, Podoroska spoke with Olé.

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From Alicante, Podoroska spoke with Olé.

The frenzy that started in Paris when reaching the semi-finals at Roland Garros has not yet ended for Nadia Podoroska (48th). The 23-year-old from Rosario continues to enjoy the harvest, from Alicante, in Spain, where she has been based for more than two years. While the phone is still exploding with messages and congratulations for what has been achieved in the French capital, the tennis sensation took a few minutes to chat with Ole after a long virtual press conference organized by his entire team.

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“What I feel the most is satisfaction with what has been achieved, it is the sign that I am on the right path. This is the drive to keep learning and improving. I felt good, I was confident, but I would never have believed in a tournament like this. I don’t know if I realize that I made history, I want to do my best, ”Nadia began, adding: “Beyond being happy with the result, what will remain in my heart the most was reading so many messages of joy, emotion, how people are becoming interested in women’s tennis. It is the most beautiful thing that can happen to an athlete ”.

-After dreamed weeks you returned to Alicante, why did you decide to base there, and no longer in the country?

-I came to live because my coaches live here and the idea was to start a project together. I feel that we have been doing it in a good way, being here it is much easier to organize tours. I feel very comfortable. If you are in a tournament in which you are not doing so well, in which you lose in the first days, you can go home and train well, discharge and recharge batteries. When I was younger and coming to Europe for 12 weeks it didn’t end up being a good tour. You end up training badly. What I felt was that halfway through I was not well physically, that I was not well prepared.

“Hopefully 2021 brings more surprises”



-In addition, as you publish on the networks, you found a second family.

-I am a very familiar person who has always been difficult for me to be away from home, and here I have found a family, people that I love very much, who teach and guide me. Not only on the court, but also outside. I am very comfortable and you can see that when it comes to competing.

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-In 2019 you achieved gold in the Pan American Games, in 2020 you reached the semifinals of Roland Garros, what do you have prepared for 2021?

-Haha, we’ll see. Next year is an Olympic year and I am very excited to be at the Games. Hopefully 2021 brings more surprises.

-What do you expect in Tokyo?

-It is a competition that since I was a girl I have listened to talk … What I most want is to enjoy it to the fullest, it is an experience that I will be able to tell when I am older, and we hope I can have a nice memory.

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“Hopefully 2021 brings more surprises”



-You will start playing with girls you never faced, with whom would you like to measure yourself?

-I really want to beat the Williams (NdeR: Serena and Venus). Since I was little I watched them play and they are always on top. They are the idols of my adolescence.

-And there’s also Gaby Sabatini …

-To me he is an idol, not only because of what he was as a tennis player, but because of how he is as a person. Because of my age, I didn’t have the chance to see her play on live TV, but I did see videos of her play. He is a very humble, sensitive person and I am very happy that he can continue my career and send me those messages that are so important.

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Nadia has already started to take off the posters and will face the best in the world. They already met her in Paris.


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