Horror in France, a professor beheaded who had shown the cartoons of Muhammad in class

Horror in France, a professor beheaded who had shown the cartoons of Muhammad in class

AGI – One eighteen year old Chechen he was killed by police near Paris after he beheaded a history teacher he had shown in the classroom satirical cartoons on Mohammedor. The teacher, Samuel P., was slain this afternoon at the school where he taught, in Conflans Saint-Honorine, in the Val d’Oise, near Paris. The attacker was intercepted by officers around 5:30 pm, as he was fleeing, with a kitchen knife in his hand, towards the nearby town of Eragny. At the request to put down the weapon, the 18-year-old took out a rifle and attacked the agents, who shot him down.

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The bomb squads intervened to verify that the murderer was not wearing explosive devices. Police sources claim that the young man published a video of the teacher’s decapitated newspaper on the internet, shot with the phone. According to Le Parisien, the 18-year-old was a relative of a pupil of Samuel P., who had recently shown in class the cartoons on Muhammad published by Charlie Hebdo during a lesson on freedom of expression. The former headquarters of the magazine was the scene three weeks ago of another Islamist attack during which two people were seriously injured.

The National Anti-Terrorism Attorney General has opened an investigation into “murder in connection with a terrorist action” and “criminal association for the purpose of terrorism”. The Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin, on his way to Morocco, he decided to immediately return to Paris.

Macron: “Obscurantism and violence will not pass”

“Our compatriot was the victim of a characteristic Islamist terrorist attack” but “obscurantism and the violence that accompanies it will not win, they will not divide us”, said French President Emmanuel Macron after the summit in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine with counter-terrorism. “One of our fellow citizens, whose name I will not officially mention, was murdered today because he was a teacher, because he taught students freedom of speech, the freedom to believe and not to believe”.

“Our compatriot was cowardly attacked, he was the victim of a characteristic Islamist terrorist attack. I want to have a thought for all his relatives, his family, his colleagues. We have seen the director who, in recent weeks, has resisted. all the pressure, he did his job, he did his duty with considerable dedication.

I want to tell all the teachers in France tonight that we are with them, that the whole nation will be at their side today and tomorrow to protect and defend them, to allow them to do their job, the best job there is. If it was a teacher that this terrorist overthrew, it was because he wanted to overthrow the Republic, the Enlightenment, the possibility of making our children free citizens. This battle is ours. They won’t be able to get through.

Our policemen, our gendarmes, all those who hold the Republic, magistrates, elected officials, teachers … we will remain united. Obscurantism and the violence that accompanies it will not win, they will not divide us. This is what they are looking for. We must all be together. I invite all our compatriots to stay together, to be united, because we are first of all citizens united by the same values, a single destiny “.

The announcement of the crime on Twitter

“I executed one of your hell dogs”: the Chechen assailant who beheaded a history teacher near Paris allegedly claimed responsibility for his actions on Twitter, where photos of a beheading were quickly circulated. The website of the newspaper Le Figaro writes it. In one of the messages, the 18-year-old called himself al-Ansar on an unauthenticated profile, praised the crime in the name of “Allah the Merciful” and added: “To Macron, the leader of the infidels, I have executed one of your infernal dogs.”

The horror of Charlie Hebdo

“Charlie Hebdo expresses his sense of horror and revolt after a teacher was murdered by a religious fanatic. We express our deepest support for his family, loved ones and all teachers,” writes the weekly on the Twitter profile.

“Intolerance has just crossed a new threshold and does not seem to stop at nothing to impose its terror on our country. Only the determination of political power and the solidarity of all will defeat this fascist ideology. This unclean act is a mourning for the our democracy, but it must make us more combative than ever to defend our freedom “.


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