How China recovered from Covid-19 in 10 figures

How China recovered from Covid-19 in 10 figures

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In China, the coronavirus pandemic seems to be a distant memory. The number of daily cases there is insignificant. No deaths have been linked to Covid-19 for days. Economically, China has also resumed its forward march.

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Health situation

  1. China has accounting 42 cases this Wednesday according to data collected by worldometers, the reference site. The day before, the United States identified 75.072.
  2. The last death linked to covid-19 was recorded on 24 September latest.

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3. In total, for 1.3 billion inhabitants, China has identified 90,974 cases coronavirus for 4,739 dead. With 11 million inhabitants, Belgium has just passed the 11,000 dead mark.

4. China has not only carried out very strict containments – 78 days as a reminder in Wuhan, source of the pandemic – it also deployed 14.000 test centers across the country, according to The Lancet Medical journal. On October 9, the government did not hesitate to put 9 millions people in quarantine for 12 new cases linked to a local hospital.


5. This Monday, China says its economy has made a 3,2% in the second trimester and 4,9% to the third compared to 2019.

6. According to Jim O’Neill of Goldman Sachs, China will fully recover from its losses of the year 2020 next year.

7. An illuminating example. During Golden Week, one of the hottest holidays for Chinese people, some 637 millions of them have moved around the country, ie half of the population. In all, they spent for 69 billion dollars during this period, depending on state media.

8. By continuing in this way, Chinese growth will represent nearly a third (27,9%) of world growth in 2020. By comparison, Germany should be around 1.9% according to Bloomberg based on IMF data. Is China’s share of global GDP expected to reach 17,5% in 2020, an increase of 1.1% compared to 2019, according to data from the World Bank, reported by CNN Business.

9. The yuan has picked up 6 to 7% since the beginning of the year against the dollar. While the parity is traditionally very stable between the two currencies.

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10. For the first time, all securities listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges exceeded 10 trillions of dollars.

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