How do I get rid of the hairs on my chin?

How do I get rid of the hairs on my chin?

They are the horror of every woman and almost every one of us gets them in the course of her life: so-called witch hair on the chin. Why are they growing and what can be done about them?

Witch hair: what can you do about it? iStockphoto

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Witch hair: what can you do about it? iStockphoto

When you speak of a witch’s hair, you mean tiny hairs that mainly sprout on the chin. The hair usually grows individually, in a specific place – often below the chin than on the chin. If you pluck the hair out, it will grow back in the same place.

Witch hair, also called devil hair, is longer and thicker than the other hairs on the body. They are often black and bristly. Because they are so strong, we often notice that they come before they even protrude from the skin. First a small bump forms over it, which we feel when we run our finger over the area.

How do I get rid of the witch hair?

The hair can be removed with tweezers. But if they are very annoying, grow back quickly or if there are even several hairs, you can do them too laser away to let. This destroys the roots of the hair. Let a specialist advise you on this.

Reasons for witch hair

It is not entirely clear why the hair is formed at this point. Doctors assume, however, that it is a genetic defect, a disruption of the hormonal balance or the metabolism.

Witch hair also often grows on birthmarks, i.e. on a pigment disorder in which the cells of the skin are changed.

When is a birthmark dangerous? You can find a test here.

What other factors play a role in witch hair?

Basically all things that affect the hormonal balance.

With age this occurs especially in women Menopausewho are deficient in estrogen have witch hair. Overweight women can also grow tiny hairs on their chins, as extremely fluctuating changes in weight can affect the hormonal balance. Danger! The same thing happens if you lose too much weight.

In addition, drugs and certain diseases that affect hormone levels can promote the growth of witch hair.


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