How do I know if my dish is suitable for the oven?

How do I know if my dish is suitable for the oven?

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Presentation dish or baking dish? Oven or no oven? Are you in full doubt, with an unknown utensil in your hands? Follow our advice.

If your dish does not have plastic or wooden handles, and it has edges that would prevent you, for example, from cutting its contents with a knife, there is a good chance that it is suitable for the oven. presentation dishes never have high edges). However, to be sure of yourself, take a few seconds to study its composition.

If the dish is made of metal (steel, stainless steel, cast iron, etc. covered or not with a non-stick coating), don’t ask yourself too many questions: your dish is cut for cooking in the oven and withstands high temperatures. You can easily grill meat or roast vegetables in it.

Is the dish ceramic or glass? Read on.

Ceramic: at medium temperature

Ceramic is terracotta, possibly covered with enamel. Ceramic dishes are oven safe but suitable for relatively slow cooking at medium temperature (180-200 ° C). Le romertopf, a clay casserole dish that allows you to stew your food is part of this category. Be careful, with it, we do not exceed 200 ° C.

Pyrex: extra strong glass for hot weather

If your dish is glass, try to track down a possible logo in the shape of an oven on the bottom of your container or a “Pyrex” stamp. If it’s Pyrex, all is well (this isn’t always the case with knockoffs). This thermostable glass is extremely strong and withstands temperatures up to 300 ° C.

However, be careful with thermal shocks and avoid putting in the oven a Pyrex dish that would come directly from the fridge. Another interesting element to take into account is exposed in Christina Blais’ book La chimie des desserts (Éd. La Presse, 2007): the radiant heat from the oven easily passes through Pyrex glass and promotes the browning of food. If you are using a Pyrex dish and don’t want a bread or cake with an overly tanned crust, reduce the oven temperature by 15 ° C below what your recipe says.


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