How do i know where i have to vote and how do i change the polling place?

How do i know where i have to vote and how do i change the polling place?



The next October 25 will take place on National Plebiscite 2020. About 15 million Chileans They are authorized to cast their vote and in the electoral event they will demonstrate about the possibility that the country can have a new Constitution.

In voting, citizens must choose their option between two possibilities, I approve or I reject. In the case of the first alternative, voters have to also select between the options Constituent Convention or Mixed Constituent Convention.

How do I know where to vote and how to change the polling place?

At the beginning of this month of October, Electoral Service (Servel) published the polling places that will host the civic event. The number of places to cast the vote increased considerably, seeking to minimize the crowds of people in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that affects the country.

To find out where their polling place is, citizens should visit the official website of the Servel ( Once inside the digital platform, they should go to the Data Query section (

In this area, the person has to enter their RUT (without points and with a dash). Then, the information will be displayed to know the place to attend as well as the corresponding table number where to cast the vote.

On the other hand, the process of changing the polling place was available until June 6 of this year. Therefore, it is currently not in force, according to Servel.

It is a free procedure, which allows voters to request the Servel, through its website, the respective change. In this way, a new constituency and voting table are assigned, depending on the commune to which the change was requested.

The people who complied on time and successfully with the change of polling place knew the result of the process a few days ago. This, as a result of the fact that its new voting point was made known with the publication made by the Servel of the official suffrage centers for the 2020 National Plebiscite.


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