How does Erasmus work for young entrepreneurs?

How does Erasmus work for young entrepreneurs?

Marco Iacuitto is the managing director of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce. He explains in conversation with Business Planetwhat the program Erasmus for young entrepreneurs includes.

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What is so unique about Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and how does it help budding entrepreneurs?

In my opinion, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is so unique because it has contributed to the development of a European entrepreneurial culture since 2009. Any budding entrepreneur can start working with experienced entrepreneurs in one of the European countries participating in the program for anywhere from one to six months. You can learn how to run a business. One can understand the business environment in the country. You can get insights from the respective mentor on how you can expand your network, your customer network, and maybe you can also win business partners when the exchange is over. In addition, there is a monthly financial support of 500 to 1100 euros depending on the country. And you are supported by the intermediary organization, that is, by organizations that are active in business development.

How does Erasmus work for young entrepreneurs?



What do you pay attention to when selecting the participants and how do you bring them together with the host entrepreneur?

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the quality of the business plan, business idea or project that they have is very important. But I personally think that motivation and commitment also play a big role when it comes to the selection of participants.

And who is eligible to participate in this program?

On the one hand, we welcome new or prospective entrepreneurs to the program – i.e. candidates who are firmly planning to set up their business or have been running a company for three years. And on the other hand, we have the host entrepreneur – that is, owners or managers of small or medium-sized businesses with more than three years of experience running the company. What is very important for the program: There are no age or industry restrictions.

And if I am interested in participating in the program, how can I find out more about it?

Very easily. You take a look at the website of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. There you will find all useful information about eligibility, participation and registration. However, if you cannot find all the information you are looking for, please contact an intermediary organization in your country who will support you throughout the program.


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