how much the managers of Palazzo Chigi earn now

how much the managers of Palazzo Chigi earn now

The drastic economic effects caused by the Coronavirus emergency are unfortunately under everyone’s eyes, between closed and endless activities difficulty in the restart. The government has not always shown itself concretely alongside those who have been most affected in recent months. The hope is that with the arrival of the money from the Recovery Fund we can provide the right fuel for the relaunch of our country, but a week before the leaders’ summit scheduled in Brussels for next Thursday and Friday, a total clash was staged between the European Parliament and the Council on the EU’s multiannual budget and the Recovery Fund, which could thus get stuck. As if that weren’t enough, while Italy is still on its knees, i senior executives of Palazzo Chigi are ready to toast. Perhaps, respecting the new restrictions on spacing in homes and on the obligation to wear a mask, a big party could be organized.


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Oh yes, because a nice increase in payroll would be expected for them. Who cares if Italians have to deal with the saddest and most unpleasant realities every day. Both theirs envelopes pay they prepare to be fleshed out. As reported by today’s edition of Libero, the new contract proposed by Aran would guarantee up to 1,126 euros more per month. In this way, the second-tier executives of the Prime Minister’s Office, recipients of the sum provided for by the agency that represents the State in the negotiations with the public use, would reach a similar figure by adding the different items (generalized increase, increase to reduce the gap from their first-tier colleagues, fund linked to the result).

“A fair reward”The other managers of Palazzo Chigi are also ready to cheer: in the worst case scenario they could add 331.80 euros of increase to 136.80 euros of the result salary, thus coming to have a heavier paycheck of 468.6 euros. Not bad. Alt, though. It is not over here: these are only the numbers brought to the table by Aran, that is the “employer side”, which during the confrontation with the unions could even bump up. So much for the fight against caste (with the chair of the others) carried out by the grillini until March 4, 2018. Who knows if they will organize the same national mobilizations that they used to promote when others were in government.

On 8 October a press release appeared on the Unadis website announcing the start of the negotiations for the renewal of the contract of the approximately 300 managers of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers: according to the numbers calculated in 2015, this would be 101 belonging to the first bracket and 169 to the second bracket. The negotiation has reopened after ten years of blocking. For the National Union of State Leaders this is a “very important moment, despite the delay with which we arrived, in order to give due economic and legal recognition to the presidency executives engaged in crucial sectors for our country. “Unadis, together with CGIL and CISL, asked for an agreement to be reached in time fast, reasonably by the end of 2020.


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