How often do you have to wash the bed sheets?

How often do you have to wash the bed sheets?

It seems something so simple, but it is often forgotten or there are even many who doubt whether or not sheets and other bedding should be washed. Well what do you think, the ideal is that we wash them, at least once a week.

How often do you have to wash the bed sheets? Photo: * iStock

How often do you have to wash the bed sheets? Photo: * iStock

Before I tell you what a sheet that does not change can hide, I want to tell you that, according to a survey carried out by the American magazine Women’s Health, 16% of those surveyed acknowledged not washing them more than once a month and 32% said not to change them … never!

But it is the only survey that shows the large number of people with this bad habit. A study in Great Britain by the furniture brand Hammonds Furniture reveals that one in three Britons only washes their sheets once a year and A 38 percent of those surveyed said they washed them infrequently without being more specific.

What do the sheets that are not washed hide?

Every time we go to bed we are dirtying it little by little with dead cells, hair, sweat, dust, makeup and everything we catch in our daily activity.

Doctors agree that the washing of the sheets should be at least once a week. Dr. Giuseppe Aragona from the University of Messina, in Italy explains that “washing clothes and sheets regularly is important for general cleaning, but also to ensure that the body remains clean and healthy. Clothes often put you at risk for infection or just feel and smell dirty. ”

Dirty sheets can be a risk factor for developing acne, blemishes and other dermatological problems, since bacteria remain on the skin, unless you are one of those who shower at night every day without exception.

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Dr. Philip Tierno Jr., director of clinical microbiology and immunology at New York University Langone Medical Center, also resolved the question through a study: “At the very least, the sheets should be washed once a week. In addition to dead cells, creams, makeup, sweat and hair, we are also filling it with pollen, fungi, animal dander, food, dirt particles, among others “explains the doctor. And all these particles carry their corresponding dose of bacteria and other substances that would make us want to wash them daily.

Towels and bath mats need to be washed more frequently

According to the New Yorker, Maeve Richmond, head coach, expert in cleaning and organization, creator of the Maeve Method, the sheets should go to the washing machine every week or two even if someone in the family is ill, sleeps naked or if it is very hot , “The frequency should be higher”. The recommended wash for bath towels, according to Richmond, is every three to four uses, as they can start to smell musty or even earlier if you exercise and suggest that different family members not share the towels. While hand towels should be changed every two to three days as they are usually placed in areas where there are many germs and are used by several different people.

The bathroom mat should also be washed frequently, every week or every fortnight depending on the use as it tends to stay damp after bathing.

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