How should Cuban coffee be drunk? 4 options to order it

 How should Cuban coffee be drunk? 4 options to order it

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If you are a coffee lover, you will probably want to try Cuban coffee. Coffee is one of the favorite drinks in Cuba, it is enjoyed in the mornings and also with meals. It’s a coffee intense and sweet.

Cuban coffee is not only found in Cuba, you can also order it in coffee shops located in other countries, in cities like Miami in the United States, it is not lacking. Of course you can also prepare it at home. We explain what four main types of Cuban coffee consist of.

1. Cafecito

The coffee, also called “Cuban shot” or “Cuban pull” It is the most traditional way to enjoy coffee in Cuba. It is an espresso, caramel and sparkling type shot; it is served in a small cup. To prepare it, you only need: coffee, water and sugar.

It is prepared with very roasted and finely ground coffee with which a concentrated drink is obtained. First the sugar is mixed with the first drops and stronger drops of the coffee, both elements are stirred vigorously until obtaining a homogeneous cream. Then the coffee is poured over the cream, stirring gently.

2. Colada

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The laundry was done to share. So if you go to coffee with friends this is the best option. This is a larger cup of Cuban Coffee that comes with smaller cups (usually 4) for you to invite. In the United States they can give you glasses, in Cuba it is traditional to serve in cups.

3. Coffee with milk

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If you order a Cuban latte, you will most likely get half a cup of black or espresso and hot steamed milk in a separate mug. You just have to mix the milk with the coffee and enjoy it.

4. Cortadito

Cortadito is a Cuban coffee (intense coffee with sugar) mixed with evaporated milk.

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