How to be more attractive in the eyes of others

How to be more attractive in the eyes of others

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Some people, whatever they do, are still attractive and charming to others. It seems that they were born with the secret of beauty. Other people, on the other hand, find that they need to do a little more to be attractive. Whether it’s adopting a certain look, changing haircut, to grow a beard, etc. But what most of us never notice are all these little habits that we have that influence our body and the way we are and that affect how others perceive us. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you dress because there are other aspects that stand out more than you think about the things you do every day that make you look “uglier” than you think. you really are. So if you really want to be the best version of yourself (for whatever reason, for yourself or for others), pay attention to these tips on how to be more attractive.

No smoking

Many years ago to smoke was perhaps one of the best excuses for flirt and the ideal of an attractive man was one who had a cigarette in his mouth, but that is no longer the case. Not only does it affect your health, it also makes your condition worse. dents and your skin. In fact, scientific studies have shown that women prefer non-smoking men because it shows that they care about their health.

Work on stress

The stress is difficult to control, so many things, which do not always depend on us, happen in our daily life that there are always times when stress can take over our mood. But by doing activities that help us relax such as sports or meditation, the effects of stress (such as aging) will be less strong because by meditating for example, we will not only be able to reduce stress but also to react more calmly. to the problems that may arise.

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Sleep more and better

The little sleep makes laid, it’s proven. You have dark circles under your eyes, your skin is dry, etc. But on top of that, not sleeping makes you a lot more irritable, which certainly doesn’t make you attractive in front of others and can even make you lose all your feelings. friends. So tonight try to go to bed earlier, you will appreciate it.

Don’t be lazy

Have you been one of those people who always let others do all the work in school? It might not have mattered at the time, but if you don’t get involved in the job now you miss a lot of points. No one is attracted to someone who has no interest in working. The British Medical Journal confirms it.

Listen to your body

The body language is just as important as verbal language, most of us form an opinion about another person based on their posture and how they communicate with their body. For example, if you tend to stand with your arms crossed, not look them in the eye, or have an upright posture, your companions may think that you are a closed person who does not want to interact with them. Often times we don’t even realize that we are giving that impression and that what we are conveying is not at all what we really think, but others do not know it. So it is better to work on this aspect to be aware of what we are doing to be more open.

By following these steps, you would be ready to step out into a completely transformed world. This way, others will be able to see how attractive you really are, and that all of your good sides were hidden behind unhealthy habits.

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