how to choose a reblochon and which cheese to replace it with?

how to choose a reblochon and which cheese to replace it with?

Tartiflette: how to choose a reblochon and which cheese to replace it with?

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Tartiflette: how to choose a reblochon and which cheese to replace it with?

Nothing like a good tartiflette to warm up in the heart of winter. Discover all our tips for choosing the right Reblochon and our recipe ideas to vary the pleasures.

The tartiflette is a Savoyard dish made with ingredients we all love: cheese, potatoes, onions and bacon. All au gratin in the oven. This ultra comforting dish, which we love to order on the edge of the slopes, is however not authentic. Unlike the raclette or at the fondue, this recipe was invented in the 80s to … sell off the stocks of reblochon too runny! It is inspired by the Sela, a traditional dish of the region, prepared in a large long handled pan and looking like a shovel.




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How to choose the right reblochon?

To succeed tartiflette, it is important to choose the right products and especially not to neglect the quality of your cheese. It is he who will transmit its flavors to the dish. The tartiflette is prepared “traditionally” with reblochon : a Savoyard specialty made from raw (cow’s) milk, recognizable by its orange rind and certified by a protected designation of origin (PDO).

Avoid buying products with the mention “tartiflette cheese” ! If they look like reblochon, these cheeses do not respect the rules imposed by the PDO. To make sure you are not mistaken, check that its yellow and red logo is on the packaging. You will also have the choice between a dairy reblochon (which is distinguished by its red tablet) or a farmer reblochon (with a green dot). We advise you to turn to the first, because it tolerates cooking better. Either way, choose a well-made cheese.

The extra info: no need to remove the pastille on the rind of your cheese. She is edible!

How do you cut the cheese to prepare a tartiflette?

So that your tartiflette is golden brown and the cheese runs over your potatoes, we recommend that you cut your reblochon in half crosswise. This will give you two discs of cheese, be sure to place the crust upwards.

Which cheeses can we replace reblochon with?

Don’t hesitate to choose a cheese from your region! If you live in the North, prepare a Ch’tiflette by replacing the reblochon with maroilles. The Francs-Comtois prefer the morbiflette, a tartiflette made with Jura cheese: the morbier. If you like originality, you can turn to Bresse Blue, a slightly marbled cheese. It is also possible to mix several cheeses. You can add coulommiers and brie to the classic tartiflette for an even creamier result or choose to break the codes by swapping the reblochon for munster, goat cheese and camembert. It’s a winning combo!

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How to prepare a light tartiflette?

Want to please yourself without feeling guilty? We have the recipe for you! If its taste has nothing to do with that of tartiflette, it is just as delicious. Replace the potatoes with leeks, the bacon with diced ham and the reblochon with cancoillotte. Low in fat, this Franc-Comtoise specialty is a good compromise if you want to lose weight without stopping eating cheese. Unlike the classic tartiflette, this light version can only be prepared in a pan: brown an onion in a drizzle of olive oil, add your leeks and let them reduce for about 15 minutes. Decorate your pan with cubes of ham then cover it with cancoillotte. Let the cheese melt for five minutes over high heat. It’s already ready!

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