How to choose the right centrifuge?

How to choose the right centrifuge?

How to choose the right centrifuge?

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How to choose the right centrifuge?

How about investing in a juicer? Thanks to this household appliance, you can make juices, of course, but also soups and smoothies. A device that is used a lot in summer but that there is no reason to put in the closet once fall comes!

What is a centrifuge used for?



The juicer is the household appliance used to easily extract the juice from fruits and vegetables that a simple pressing would not be enough to obtain. In addition, it eliminates seeds, skins, fibers and pulps. It is ideal for preparing clear redcurrant juice, raspberry or pomegranate. But also original fennel or cucumber jellies on a plate.

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However, some models allow you to mix the pulp and the juice to achieve smoothies, coulis, sauces or coconut cream, for example.

We can also recover the pulp of vegetables to prepare soups or purees. In diverted use, the centrifuge is clever for cooking a bisque from shellfish carcasses in their broth.

The centrifuge, how does it work?

The fruit introduced through the feed duct of the cover falls into a sieve, the inner surface of which is lined with tiny blades. The ultra-fast rotation of the sieve grates the fruit. The centrifugal force exerted by the rotation drives the juice out, through the holes of the sieve, while the fibers and pulps are retained inside. The juice that is collected in the bowl can flow into a carafe or into a glass using a spout or a tap.

Except those with thick or bitter skin (citrus fruits, pineapples, watermelon…), it is not necessary to peel or seed the fruit. Only the cores need to be removed. If the chimney is wide enough, the fruit can be placed whole.

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Which centrifuge model to choose?

In addition to juices without pulp, some models offer additional functions with suitable accessories: juicer with a cone, smoothie with a disc which separates the large particles (seeds, skins) and mixes the fine pulp with the juice, vegetable cutter with grating and slicing discs, blender with a bowl blender to be placed on the motor base.

The details to check to choose the right centrifuge

The power must be sufficient and suitable for the capacity of the bowl.

Rotation speeds adaptable to the consistency of the fruit, with a minimum of 10,000 rpm for good efficiency.

The diameter of the bowl: The wider it is, the greater the centrifugal force and the better the juice extraction.

The type of engine: An induction motor (asynchronous) is more precise and less noisy than a belt motor. It heats less and it adapts its speed linearly.

The width of the feed tube: It must be large enough to fit whole fruit into it.

The pulp tank: The fibers are ejected there, eliminating the need to open the device to empty the sieve on the way when it is full.

The materials : Metal is strongly recommended, because the vibrations are intense and plastic gets tired quickly. In addition, the latter is colored and absorbs the aromas of the fruits.

The pouring tap stops the flow of juice.

Disassembly of parts and the possibility of putting them in the dishwasher for easier maintenance.

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