how to decorate your pumpkin?

how to decorate your pumpkin?

Halloween: how to decorate your pumpkin?

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Halloween: how to decorate your pumpkin?

This year for Halloween, replace skulls and cobwebs with pumpkins customized very trendy. Rather than reproducing the same decoration every year, spice up your interior with stylish pumpkins that change from tradition. And there are plenty of possibilities.

How to customize pumpkins?

Whether they are embellished with touches of paint, decorated with rhinestones or even fake flowers, we present to you some decor ideas unearthed on Pinterest. With these personalized pumpkin ideas, you will stand out and wow your guests.

You can with a little colored paint, easily customize your pumpkin. How? ‘Or’ What ? By pouring paint into a basin of cold water and soaking the pumpkin inside. This will offer the famous marbled side.

Go for originality, by sticking pretty fake flowers on your pumpkin. This will give a preppy and girly touch to your Halloween decoration. We are a fan!

Fancy a Halloween decoration with colorful and bohemian touches? It’s possible ! Glue fringes and colorful threads to your pumpkin and voila!

  • The golden rhinestone pumpkin

Do you have rhinestones or sequins left in your creative hobby closet? Use them by sticking them on your pumpkin. The rendering will be canon.

Where does the Halloween pumpkin come from?

Tradition dictates that you decorate your interior with pumpkins. Why ? At the time, certain vegetables such as turnips or potatoes were hollowed out and candles were then placed in homage to the dead in order to guide their souls. When the holiday was adopted in the United States, the Americans used a seasonal vegetable and therefore the pumpkin. Today is a tradition that everyone respects for Halloween!

Celebrated each year on October 31, during the All Saints holidays, this festival has its origins in pagan traditions. You may not know it, but this holiday is of Irish origin and aims to celebrate the dead. Over the years, it has become democratized all over the world and more particularly in the United States. Today it is customary to dress up as scary characters, organize themed evenings or watch horror movies.


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