How to have thick and beautiful eyebrows with natural treatments

How to have thick and beautiful eyebrows with natural treatments

We’ve said it before and we stand by: having the thick eyebrows is a trend that we love, mainly because it makes the fact that they always look stylized, is forgotten, and therefore, the unnecessary minutes to paint and outline them during the mornings are forgotten. Sure, there are already trends for stylize thick brows, but in general, with them looking full, it is more than enough, but is it possible to achieve thick eyebrows naturally? Of course yes.

Achieve thick eyebrows (no cheating) it is a job both of what you apply to them, and of what you consume. According to Martha Lifshitz, a teacher in Nutrition and an expert in Chemistry and Biomedicine, as well as a professor at the Ibero-American University of Puebla, there are some natural products that you can apply on your eyebrows, as well as foods that you can consume to ensure their growth.

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The natural solutions that will allow you to have thicker eyebrows

Essential vitamins in the diet of thick eyebrows (and by the way, a beautiful mane)

‘When it comes to body care, everything matters both inside and out. In the case of the eyebrows, this is no exception, because you need to strengthen them from the inside so that they grow healthy and strong, this can be achieved with two vitamins in your diet: vitamin E and A. The first has the function of ensuring elasticity in the skin and hair fibers, as well as their thickening. It also helps reduce the effects of oxidation (which in this case are reflected in the weakening of the hair follicles), while A helps prevent hair loss, ‘says the doctor.

These vitamins can be found in el salmon, papaya, tomatoes, citrus, broccoli or walnuts.

Castor oil (applied directly)

Castor oil

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Castor oil

We have previously talked about some benefits of castor oil, but what we have not said is what are the benefits they have on the eyebrows, which the expert talks about in detail. ‘He castor oil has essential fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants that help nourish the hair follicles of the eyebrows’. That said, it’s time to add it to your beauty routine and try to apply it in the following way: apply two drops to your fingertips (perfectly clean) and massage your eyebrows gently in circles for two minutes. Repeat exactly the same on the other side. If you do this at least 3 times a week, after a month you will begin to notice the first results.


Egg yolk will help you have thicker and more beautiful eyebrows

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Egg yolk will help you have thicker and more beautiful eyebrows

This part of egg contains vitamins and minerals that can be considered a food rich in the nutrients you need during the day. Although making it part of your diet has certain benefits, it also has them to help your eyebrows to show a little more volume, for they combat both its weakening and its downfall. You can use it as a mask in a very small portion and apply it at night with the help of a fine brush. Soak your brush in the liquid from the yolk and then try to distribute it in the reverse way to its growth. Afterwards, pass a second time as if you were combing them towards the direction in which they grow: leave this mask for 30 minutes and then rinse: you can apply this one or two times a week.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil: a small amount can do a lot for your brows

Coconut oil: a small amount can do a lot for your brows

What would we do without it? Besides being a excellent cooking ingredientIt also has a large number of uses in the beauty world. his high in vitamin E and minerals such as iron, makes it become an asset to make them grow. Like the previous ones. This can also be used as a mask or small treatment for this part of your body. Apply a small amount to your eyebrows and comb them; What’s more, you can even leave this ‘mask’ during the day, if you know that you will not leave the house or will not have important meetings, you can leave it during the day, allowing your dermis to absorb it and in a few weeks, you will notice that your eyebrows become they will look thicker.

All these ingredients can be ordered from the comfort of your home (or you simply have to walk to your pantry for them). Ready to have some impact eyebrows without painting them?


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