How to learn to identify good quality cheeses and yogurts

How to learn to identify good quality cheeses and yogurts

Practical advice to buy real cheeses and yogurts, the best alternative to take care of your health and obtain its real benefits.

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Practical advice to buy real cheeses and yogurts, the best alternative to take care of your health and obtain its real benefits.

The actual nutrition trend promotes the importance of following a natural food based on the consumption of fresh and seasonal products, and of course it proposes avoid ultra-processed at all costs, which are becoming more popular every day for their zero nutritional contribution Y negative consequences In the health.

Based on the above, each day is more relevant make the best decisions talking about feeding and base the diet on real food. This aspect has become so relevant that in last months a great controversy which discusses the advantages and disadvantages of most of the everyday consumer products. And that is why in a special way they have been targeted cheeses and yogurts, foods that not missing from the shopping list and they play a fundamental role in the daily diet.

Recently in Mexico the controversy around dairy, derived from the indications of the Secretary of Economy in which they ordered immediate suspension of the commercialization of 18 brands of cheese and 2 brands of natural yogurt, since they did not comply with the Official Mexican Standards (NOMs).

The truth is that this type of quality control analysis in dairy is an event that has been occurring in the last years already international level. And without a doubt it is a clear invitation to get involved much more deeply in how what we put into our mouth is produced.

A naked eye it could be somewhat difficult to decide on the best and healthiest options cheeses and yogurts, since the industrial dairy producers make them more and more similar to handcrafted variants. However there are some parameters that will always be decisive, when choosing a dairy product… Take note.

The step by step to choose real cheeses and yogurts:

  • In the case of cheeses, basic ingredients that should appear on the labeling are: milk, rennet and salt. It is normal that some variants have lactic cultures, however, it is important to pay special attention to the proportion of whey and casein proteins. They should not be above the one with milk and in which you can add up to a maximum of 2% milk protein concentrates with casein caseinates.
  • One of the most determining factors in quality and the nutritional and therapeutic benefits of a cheese, lies in the percentage of real milk that contains. There are cheeses from very high quality that are distinguished by being made with 100% milk and in fact can be classified as the most expensive options. It is important to review this percentage and avoid those variants in which they have been added vegetable fats to replace milk.
  • The less processed cheeses, that is, those obtained from more artisanal processes, have the peculiarity of being variants with lower salt content. Natural way cheese contains sodium, which comes from two places: milk and the rest is added during the elaboration process. However, it is normal that industrial cheeses are not only rich in salt, they are products to which they are usually added flavorings, colorants, hydrogenated fats, preservatives, stabilizers and other compounds that are necessary for increase its useful life and quality.
  • The yogurt is the product obtained from the milk fermentation, through action of microorganisms, as is the case of the Streptococcus thermophilus y Lactobacillus, which translate into pH reduction. He real yogurt It will always be the natural and for the same reason, its label should only mention that. Any variant that contains sweeteners, added sugars, fruits, vegetables, cereals, flavorings and flavorings, it is not natural yogurt and much less handmade. The consumption of this type of yoghurt does not offer any of the real benefits of good yogurt.

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