How to use green cardamom in cooking?

How to use green cardamom in cooking?

How to use green cardamom in cooking?

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How to use green cardamom in cooking?

With its characteristic flavor, hot and fragrant, cardamom is a spice with a taste from elsewhere that will not leave you indifferent! How to use it in the kitchen?

Green cardamom: what is it?

Current Cuisine – How to use green cardamom in cooking?



Native to Southeast Asia, the cardamom is a plant whose fruit, a pod that contains seeds, is eaten as a spice after it is scalded and then dried. In the capsule that remains green – that’s why it’s called that – the seeds are black.

Cardamom reached us as early as the 15th century, along with pepper, cinnamon and ginger, thanks to the first voyages of explorers. Very present in particular in Indian cuisine, but also in the Middle East, it is consumed in dishes, desserts and in a large number of drinks (chai tea, Turkish coffee, etc.).

Whole or powdered, the cardamom seed delivers a powerful, camphoric, almost minty aroma, and a slightly peppery and lemony flavor. It is part of the composition of well-known spice blends: curry, garam masala for example.

To make your own cardamom powder, you will simply need a mortar and pestle. Remove the seeds from the cardamom capsule, and simply crush them. You can then use your powder in your favorite recipes.

What are the benefits of green cardamom?

Cardamom is an important part of Ayurvedic medicine practiced in India, it is also used in the West for relieve digestive and intestinal problems.

Moreover, cardamom seeds have the ability to neutralize strong odors. Bite a few at the end of the meal and say goodbye to bad breath!

It is considered that in food dosage, cardamom is perfectly safe, however, it is not recommended, without medical advice, to people with heart problems.

In the kitchen: use cardamom to flavor your recipes

The flavor of cardamom is very powerful: dose it sparingly! You can without hesitation use it in recipes from India. Curries are stews simmered for a long time in a creamy sauce incorporating many spices : turmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger, pepper, mustard seeds, and often, a few capsules of dried cardamom with their seeds! With prawns, pork, chicken or even vegetarian, with cashews, curry is a safe bet.

True amateurs will accompany it with a cardamom rice very simple and fragrant. Cardamom is also one of the key ingredients of biryanis (rice cooked with spices, meat or fish and vegetables) as well as samossas, these little turnovers filled with vegetables or meat.

Green cardamom, the perfect spice for desserts

Always on an exotic note, test the famous Lassi Indien. A subtle blend of milk, yogurt, sugar and spices such as cardamom, to be enjoyed chilled or even frozen.

Cardamom is also found in many more Western recipes! Scandinavian cuisine gives pride of place to this spice, sometimes coupled with cinnamon, as in this delicious cake comforting. And closer to home, thee gingerbread uses cardamom powder.

Finally, cardamom can be used to delicately flavor a panna cotta, a comforting pear compote or a surprising chocolate cake.


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