How to use the mask against Covid-19

How to use the mask against Covid-19

It is obvious and clear that the use of mask It is key when it comes to avoiding possible infections by Covid-19. More and more people are aware of it and few people do not wear it in public spaces. However, experts on the subject warn that not only is it enough to put them on, but that they are due in a proper way and thus avoid possible infections.

How to use the mask against Covid-19

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How to use the mask against Covid-19

Masks are the best protection against the coronavirus

At this point in the movie, everyone knows that the mask prevents droplets of saliva that come out of the mouth, can become airborne and infect other people. Data shows that widespread use of the mask helps reduce the risk of contagion between people.

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The problem is that the heat makes the mask quite annoying and many people choose to download it. This should not be done due to the fact that the particles can remain in the air for a few seconds and therefore there is still a high risk of contagion. The fact of drinking something on a terrace without a mask is also dangerous due to the existence of such particles in the environment.

Proper use of the mask

Not only is it enough to put on the mask, but it has to be carried in a proper and correct way. The mask itself becomes impregnated with bacteria found on the skin of the person in question.

With the use of it, the accumulation of bacteria increases with all the risk that this entails for one’s own health. These are the same bacteria that form when a small wound occurs on the skin as is the case of acne or pimples.

If these types of bacteria accumulate in the masks, they can cause problems respiratory in people or a major infection in the case of a condition such as a cold or flu.

Putting on and taking off the mask

Professionals warn that to avoid this accumulation of bacteria it is essential to put on and take off the mask itself:

  • The mask should not be removed towards the chin or hair because it would come into contact with bacteria on the skin.
  • When handling the mask, you always have to do it from the tires. If you put it on or take it off, you have to take the rubber bands and carry out the corresponding action.
  • When storing it, it is important to leave it in a paper envelope and avoid in this way the possible proliferation of bacteria. Many people make the big mistake of leaving it on a surface like a table or putting it in a plastic bag.

The risk of reusing the mask

Another of the dangers of the mask is to wash it in an inappropriate way or using it in an excessive way. If this happens, a number of health problems can occur:

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  • Reusing the mask more than necessary can cause throat problems, due to the large accumulation of bacteria.
  • Another risk of using a mask in an inappropriate way it’s pneumonia. Accumulated bacteria can reach the lungs and cause a significant infection such as pneumonia. The thing is much worse in person who have respiratory problems.

In short, the correct use of the mask is key when it comes to avoiding possible infections and respiratory infections how can pneumonia be. Remember that putting on the mask is not enough, but you have to know how to use it properly.


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