How would it differ from the first and why do they speak of “self-loans”

How would it differ from the first and why do they speak of



The Chamber of Deputies and Deputies seeks to make a new amendment to the Constitution with the aim of making a second withdrawal of 10% of pension funds (AFP) in the framework of the economic crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

This initiative was promoted by parliamentarians Karim Bianchi, Pamela Jiles and René Saffirio, but the Government has already expressed its rejection of it because economic solutions have already been proposed for people affected by the pandemic.

How will this retreat differ from the first?

One of the differences that the current project will have compared to the first withdrawal is the issue that lies in the alimony, something that in the first case the debtor of the pension had to request his retirement so that an embargo could take effect. In this project, it is proposed that debtors have their money seized from the beginning.

The other modification with respect to the original project is that in this second withdrawal it would be sought that the money be delivered in a single installment and not in two.

Why do you talk about self-loan?

Deputy Celso Morales, raised the indication of self-loan for the withdrawal of funds so that members can withdraw their money for the purchase of a home so that the interested parties can reimburse the withdrawn in full or part of the amount.

This initiative seeks to allow a maximum withdrawal of a percentage of pension funds, so that they are destined for a “specific purpose to know”, either the acquisition of a first home in order to facilitate the financing of this operation.


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