“Hunt is always a factor”


The question about the role of Aaron Hunt occupied those responsible throughout the summer and, in view of the existing contract constellation, basically came to a head: Can the ex-captain at HSV also be a normal player?

A normal role for HSV veteran Aaron Hunt is the goal.

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A normal role for HSV veteran Aaron Hunt is the goal.

The latest developments suggest that the 34-year-old is on the way there. That means: It has a value without being posited. And he’s not completely left out when he’s outside.

Hunt continues to collect plus points

HSV head coach Daniel Thioune has registered that the veteran, after being transferred to the reserve role for one and a half games as a joker in Paderborn, had a decisive influence on the HSV game and confirmed this impression during the international break. “Aaron has gained more points in the last few days of training,” says Thioune and among other things leads two assists in the 4-3 test against FC Fredericia.

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The coach is trying to achieve a balancing act that hardly any of his predecessors has managed to deal with the ex-Bremer: Either Hunt was too expensive and should be handed over, or he was demonstratively pushed into a managerial role by his superiors. Thioune, on the other hand, sees the need for a change and more dynamism on the one hand, but also that the technician can still help his team – and not only in certain game phases, but also in season phases. “Aaron did really well as a liaison player after his substitution in Paderborn and carried the balls forward.”

That there was a cup debacle with him at the 1: 4 in Dresden, the coach expressly does not only refer to Hunt: “What we need is better protection overall.” That is why he then opted for the doubles Klaus Gjasula and Amadou Onana behind Jeremy Dudziak. And now?

A normal role for Hunt is the goal

Gjasula has not yet convinced and dealt with physical problems during the international break. Hunt, on the other hand, scored. “Aaron,” says Thioune, “will always be a factor.” A principle of the trainer, which does not mean absolutism: Hunt should not be sidelined with him, but also not necessarily as boss if he is healthy. A normal role is the goal. One that the old hand seems to be adopting these days.


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