Husband Franjo shot an arrow in Diego’s thigh

Husband Franjo shot an arrow in Diego's thigh

Where Verona Pooths (52) Family is, good mood and hectic conversations are not far away. Verona shares this family dynamic with her son in the podcast “Der Poothcast” San Diego (17). Again and again they inspire the listeners with stories from everyday life. One of them makes us wince in shock because Diego reports of an accident with his father Francis (51).

Verona Pooth: Husband Franjo shot an arrow in Diego's thigh

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Verona Pooth: Husband Franjo shot an arrow in Diego’s thigh

Verona Pooth can now be seen on television in the presence of her whole family. Find out in our video below what the family pulls together in front of the camera.

Verona Pooth’s darts exercises look familiar to Diego

Verona Pooth: Here she poses with her whole family

Together with Franjo and their sons Diego and Rocco (9) Verona speaks in the podcast about her participation in “beat the celebrity“. She faced in September on the ProSieben show Janine Kunze (46) and won. Whether precision shooting, fencing or yoga, the whole Pooth family agrees that the presenter owes her win to the athletic preparations. “I even ordered a dartboard,” said Verona. During the darts training, she, according to son Rocco, almost did Hündin Picco-Lina met – a story that sounds familiar to Diego.

Verona Pooth: Long was yesterday: she wears her hair short!

“This complete arrow is in twelve-year-old Diego”

Diego says he bought a blowpipe a few years ago: “It had no certificate, no nothing. That was the cheapest, but the longest and had the biggest arrows. They were thin as a needle, but definitely ten centimeters long. ” He and his father blew the arrows against a sheet of paper attached to a chair. At the end of each game round, Diego collected his six arrows. Once he found only five arrows on the target: “Then I turn around, Papa stands there with the blowpipe pointing at my thigh and blows into it. And suddenly, out of reflex, my leg shoots up and this entire arrow is in it twelve-year-old Diego inside – in the thigh. “

Diego’s dramatic story should have taken the family fans by surprise. Verona itself also recently surprised its fans – the video below shows what.

This is how Verona Pooth dealt with the accident

When asked why Francis puffed, he replied: “You were so stupid in front of it.” Verona describes her reaction to the accident: “I cried.” All the better that the family can laugh about the incident today and Franjo keeps emphasizing: “That was not on purpose!” Little Rocco tells us, amused Brothers later accidentally took revenge on Franjo. He stuned him in the thigh with a stun gun. Due to the accidents of the Pooths, many families can be warned of future mishaps.

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