“I did not plan Antonio’s death with Salva”


María Jesus, the 'black widow' of Patraix, during her husband's murder trial.

© EFE / Manuel Bruque
María Jesus, the ‘black widow’ of Patraix, during the trial for the murder of her husband.

Maje, the black widow of Patraix, declared this Tuesday in the City of Justice of Valencia minutes after her ex-lover Salva did. Both are accused of the death of Antonio, her husband and, although Salva, the alleged perpetrator of the murder, has acknowledged the facts by including Maje in the plan, she has contradicted his words. “I did not plan the death of Antonio with Salva”, he stated at the beginning of his statement.

Tomás, another of Maje’s lovers that Salva was also aware of, has come out again in the questions of the accused, who has indicated that he told her that her husband had cancer so that he would not overwhelm her to stay. “He was very above and wanted to meet me but I had my relationship with Antonio”, has explained. He has acknowledged that they saw each other during his bachelorette party, but has denied that they had a dating relationship even if he considered that they were. “But not me”, has settled.

As for Salva, she has assured that she knew her husband’s schedule unlike her other lovers because since they met in 2015 “she knows everything about me and my family.” However, she has denied that she was in love with him: “I was not in love with him but I have loved Salva, of course. I was a person with emotional ups and downs, he knew what was with me “.

During the session, the accused recognized some letters that he carried in his backpack and in which she had written: “I love you above all with you, I feel like the most important woman in the world.” Some Telegram messages have also been shown in which she expresses her “desire to end her life” (that of her husband), but Maje has denied that she wanted it and links it to her state of anger and anguish.

As shown in the trial, Maje tells her husband on September 3 that she had changed the work shift from the 14th to the 15th, although it was a lie, and the prosecutor questions whether it was to plan the crime. “No, because that never happened, I haven’t organized anything.” The same night of the murder, she wrote a message to Antonio, her husband, indicating that she was already in the hospital. Maje has admitted that she was an unfaithful woman and that she had saved the night to spend it with Tomás.

According to her version, it was Salva who called her after the crime to tell her something and has assured that she did not know what it was about. They met at his sister’s house and what Salva said to him was: “I have met Antonio, he has spoken ill of you, we have fought and I have given him a bad blow and he is dead. ” She, he said, went into shock and burst into tears. “I’ve never seen Salva capable of doing something like that.”


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