“I have always loved school”


Singer and actress Camélia Jordana plays an institute in her new film. This role brought back very good memories to him.

Singer and actress, Camelia Jordana, who stars in the film “Parents d'Élèves”, will soon release her new album.

Singer and actress, Camelia Jordana, who stars in the film “Parents d’Élèves”, will soon release her new album.

On the poster for the comedy “Parents of pupils”, from October 7, 2020 at the cinema, Camélia Jordana plays the role of a very endearing school teacher. After ten years of career, the 28-year-old Frenchwoman, revealed in “Nouvelle Star”, on M6 in 2009, has not finished enchanting her fans …

Why did you accept this role of teacher in this film?

I liked that in this scenario I could play more of a woman than a schoolteacher. I also found it cool that it talks about single parenthood, my character’s relationship to his profession, his weaknesses, his weaknesses, his motherhood, his ethics.

How was your collaboration with Vincent Dedienne, who falls in love with you in the film?

We are very accomplices in life. We had already worked together for the voiceover of a cartoon. So we were very happy to be able to work together again. The shoot was very happy.

And what was it like to tour with so many children?

I love kids, so it did me a lot of good to shoot with them on set. Some people almost took me for a real mistress and asked me lots of questions. It was funny.

Could you have become a teacher?

When I was little, I really wanted to do this job. Then, I wanted to work in colonies because I imagined that it must be great to work with children. Afterwards, I wanted to become a language teacher abroad to be sure I could travel.

In this comedy, you also play a mom. Did it make you want toto have a child?

I love the idea of ​​being a mother one day, but it’s not my priority today (laughs).

What memories ofschool do you keep?

I have very good memories because I have always loved school, the atmosphere of the classroom, the relationship between students and teachers, learning in general …

You will be releasing your fourth album this fall. What can your fans know aboutwait?

It will be a pop album called “Facile”. I have worked with a lot of very different people. I myself have done a few productions. There will also be a part that I cannot tell you about because it will be a big surprise that you will discover when it comes out (laughs).

You already have 10 years of career. How do you see your career?

I tell myself that I am very happy to have given myself the means to experience so many beautiful things over the past ten years, even if sometimes it has cost me a lot. When I see the result, I am delighted. I also hope that I can learn from my experiences. I was also able to keep my feet on the ground thanks to my education, to meetings, to people around me. My fight is to be able to make my various artistic projects exist. Achieving them successfully is already a huge reward, because it is not always the case. If success is there, it is the icing on the cake.


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