“I saw it again, I didn’t feel anything”


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A new episode of Temptation Island will be broadcast on Wednesday and also this time, according to the previews, we will see some good ones: the couples selected for participation in this edition have already shown, after only two episodes, very deep problems that question base, even without “temptations”.

Giovanna Abate and Sammy Hassan (Instagram)

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Giovanna Abate and Sammy Hassan (Instagram)

Giovanna Abate, former tronista of “Men and women“Saw her ex again Sammy Hassan but he didn’t try anything. Giovanna Abate entered the dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi as the suitor of Giulio Raselli, and then became a tronist and chose Sammy Hassan, with whom she had a short-lived love story.

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He suffered from the separation, but when he saw him again after months, he felt nothing: “Nothing – he confessed to the“ Magazine of Men and Women ”- I wish I had tried something different, but nothing. I have no respect for this person and I cannot evaluate him, I would evaluate him negatively ”.

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The relationship disappointed her: “As soon as we broke up, I was incredulous. I couldn’t believe that after all that effort, the circumstances, the pandemic, the eye to eye promises it would end like this. I couldn’t accept not even giving a chance to start. However, to tell the truth, I was not so bad because he first of all, with his behavior, gave me no reason to suffer “.

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Of his television path to “Men and women” he has no systems: “I would make the same choice. If I had gone out with Davide, I would have gone away with Sammy’s worm and therefore yes, it is right that I have taken away from there those who really could not get out of my head … and I also thought from my heart! However, I have no regrets.


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