‘I will discreetly start acting in the campaigns’, says Bolsonaro

Appointed to the Supreme Court, Kassio Marques meets Bolsonaro at Toffoli's house

BRASILIA – The President Jair Bolsonaro said on Wednesday that he would like to have more participation in this year’s municipal elections and that, “discreetly”, he will start acting in the campaigns. When commenting on the candidate’s support Bruno Engler (PRTB), in Belo Horizonte, the president admitted difficulties in honoring political events in the municipalities.

“How is Bruno in BH, is he growing?”, Asked the president to supporters at the exit of the Palace of the Dawn, before receiving the invitation to go to the mining capital. “I have to go there on my own and I have no way of providing security for myself. It is very expensive, I cannot afford it. I would like to participate in the municipal elections … I go to the municipalities, BH interests me, I like Bruno Engler very much, he can do a good job if he arrives at the city hall and, discreetly, I will start acting “, he added.

Bolsonaro again denied video recordings on leaving the official residence. “Ending the elections (I record). I don’t want a headache with politics. You excuse me, but I’m not going to record, ”

Second Ibope survey released on the 15th, Alexandre Kalil (PSD) leads the intention of votes for re-election in Belo Horizonte with ample advantage. The current mayor registers 59%. While the second place is occupied by João Vitor Xavier (Citizenship), with 7%. Áurea Carolina (PSOL) has 3% and Bruno Engler, 2%. The survey’s margin of error is three percentage points, up or down.

In São Paulo, after the deputy Celso Russomanno (Republicans) fall and fluctuate negatively in the polls for the intention of voting for the City Hall, his election time advertisements failed to mention Bolsonaro. At the premiere of free radio and TV election advertising on the 9th, the candidate’s jingle quoted Bolsonaro three times. “With Russomanno and Bolsonaro, our city wins,” said an excerpt from the song. In the chorus, repeated twice, there was the passage “e Bolsonaro supporting”.

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