“I would like the closing of the universities to be accompanied by the closing of the bars”


Fernando Simon

Fernando Simon

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), Fernando Simon, said this Thursday that I would prefer that universities or colleges not be closed for him coronavirus, but he understood that it is done in some cases to avoid an increase in infections.

In this way, Simón expressed himself at the press conference to expose the evolution of the pandemic in Spain when asked for his opinion on the closure of the University of Granada while other establishments, such as bars, remain open.

“Yes, I would like that if universities close it would be accompanied by the closing of bars”, noted the epidemiologist.

Simón stressed that, in this case, like what happens with culture and cultural events, universities and schools are applying “very important” and “very well implemented” risk prevention measures, generally maintaining safety distances to entrances and exits and using hygiene measures in classrooms, among others.

In this way, although “it is true that the risk is not reduced to zero”, people are not exposed to higher risk that of the population transmission that exists.

“Probably, if you hurry me, they are, we have no evidence, we must say these things very carefully, it may be possible that they are at a lower risk,” said the director of CCAES, who did acknowledge that once you leave the university , for example, there is a risk that students go to a square or a bar and lose that control.

“I think we should not penalize the event that does it well due to the added risk that there may be sooner or later, we should not fall into that trap, but it is true and I understand that in some cases, to avoid a situation, it is overreacted, “he said.

Simón said that he would prefer that this not happen but insisted that he can understand that such decisions sometimes it’s inevitable to be taken.


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