“If a team has to be angry about the refereeing, it’s more about us”


This Saturday evening, Standard managed to snatch the division against Club Brugge at the very end of the game (1-1) during the ninth day of the championship.

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The match at the top of this Saturday evening on the Sclessin side between Standard Liège and Club Brugge resulted in a draw. Led by the score, the Rouches fought to the end and managed to snatch the division in the 90th minute thanks to a penalty converted by Gavory. “It would have been a shame to lose given the efforts made especially in the second half. We dominated well after the break and we were rewarded. We deserved at least a point and maybe even more”, explained the left back of Standard .

The Frenchman took his responsibilities at the end of the match. “I’m the No. 1 shooter actually. Max (Lestienne) felt good about it and wanted to shoot first. So I let him do it but it doesn’t matter if the penalty wasn’t converted. is part of the game. I’m glad I scored behind to snatch the draw. Pressure? Yes, it’s there for sure. I tried to put it aside and focus on my shot. ball went to the bottom. Good for me and the team. ”

Club Brugge complained about the refereeing at the end of the match and especially about the two penalties which should not have been whistled on the Liège side. On the first, Mechele does not touch Vanheusden, and on the second, the ball hits Rits’ chest before bouncing off his hands afterwards. Standard saw a goal from Maxime Lestienne be refused in the second half due to a very limited offside. “If a team has to be angry about the refereeing, it’s more like us. The people of Bruges were ahead of us through a lot of small faults,” said the Frenchman.

Same story with Nöe Dussenne. “I don’t like to talk about refereeing but Maxime Lestienne made a small mistake and he directly received a yellow. Mata commits an attack on Nico (Gavory), if he had his ankle broken, it was the same thing . And he takes a yellow card … “explained the central defender.


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