“Immediately the repatriation of migrants”. The center-right challenges the government


The serious economic crisis that will hit Italy and the European Union in the short term will not guarantee any dignified future either to the inhabitants of our country or to the migrants. From this conviction was born the unitary resolution of the center-right on the Recovery Fund presented this evening, promptly rejected by the Senate with 141 no and 117 votes in favor. The Conte government had been committed – with reference to EU-Africa external relations – to “counteract human trafficking in every possible way”. An objective that can only be achieved if at the top of the various immigration and security reforms there is “the principle of disincentivo departure as a priority for the approach to this matter. “This is why Forza Italia, the Brothers of Italy and the Lega have created a detailed and precise plan against illegal immigration.


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Specifically, the coalition had asked to support the creation, in the countries of transit and departure, of special centers in which to initiate immigrants with the aim of immediately verifying “the possible existence of the requisites required to be admitted to the granting of the right of asylum”. Furthermore, the Giallorossi had been urged to make a concrete commitment in Europe to intervene on the issue, perhaps focusing on compliance with the directive on repatriations and the readmission agreements stipulated also at EU level, supporting their implementation, “as well as obtaining adequate financial resources to proceed with the refoulement and repatriation of irregular immigrants”. All with the awareness that the Treaty of Dublin should represent a priority objective to be pursued closely, “according to the perspective that ‘anyone who lands in a European country lands in the European Union, not in a single country'”.

Other priorities for the governmentSubsequently, the center-right had committed the government, on the issue of migrants, to provide for the interruption of the disbursement of funds for development cooperation to those African states that did not show an effective and concrete commitment in combating illegal immigration and in accepting the repatriation “of their citizens illegally present in the territory of the EU Member States”. Finally, it was asked to put forward the proposal for a naval mission in the Mediterranean Sea, in agreement with the authorities of the Spondasud of the Mediterranean and in particular with the Libya, “aimed at the interruption at the source of the migratory flows conveyed through criminal organizations”.

The situation in Italy remains very serious: while Italians have to deal with the umpteenth measures against the spread of Coronavirus, migrants continue to land quietly in our country. And, as happened in the summer, they often refuse to undergo the swab, risking infecting the Italian population. The data of the last days are worrying and alarming. “On Saturday 604 people disembarked, on Sunday 559. You cannot chase the Italians on the landing of the house and in the meantime disembark thousands of illegal immigrants who then escape and travel around Italy without any precaution and without any control”, Matteo Salvini points out . But don’t worry, Minister Luciana Lamorgese has the solution to the problem in her pocket. After dismantling the security decrees, now the time is ripe for it ius soli. Protect our country? Protect the health of Italians? For the Giallorossi obviously the priorities are very different.


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