Important statements from Minister Koca after the Scientific Committee Meeting

Important statements from Minister Koca after the Scientific Committee Meeting

Last minute: Important statements from Minister Koca after the Scientific Committee Meeting

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Last minute: Important statements from Minister Koca after the Scientific Committee Meeting

Last minute … Health Minister Fahrettin Koca makes statements after the Scientific Committee Meeting. Regarding domestic vaccination studies, Minister Koca said, “There are experts who directly manage vaccination studies. These studies are carried out by a team of 600 people. At the moment, 2 of the vaccines are close to the human trial stage”. On the other hand, Minister Koca said, “Will new measures be taken due to the increase in the number of cases in Istanbul?” He replied, “We were expecting an increase in Istanbul in general with the returns. We do not think of a measure in terms of restriction at the moment.”

Breaking news… Highlights from Minister Koca’s comments

In general, our lives suffer less and less from this epidemic affecting the world scale. We see that the epidemic regresses as mask, distance and cleaning measures are followed both in our country and in the world. WHO published its flu update report 2 days ago. WHO has started to mask, social distance and cleaning as a result of the decrease in influenza cases.


We are in October. It entered the days when the flu was most common. The measures we will take against the corona will also protect us from the flu. The measures against the 2 viruses are the same. Flu is a disease that can lead to death. However, we are generally not sensitive enough to spread the flu. We can regress two diseases at once.


WHO’s report on Turkey. Despite the fact that Turkey is among the richest countries emphasized that one of the most generous countries in the epidemic. WHO reports from Turkey after the choir I would like to mention the EU progress reports. Turkey has made emphasis on these applications in accordance with EU directives infectious diseases. Free treatment was provided to all regardless of their social security. The points I have touched on in the EU progress report are that we respond to the epidemic in global standards.


We have entered a normalization period since July. Restrictions are lifted. We started virus scans in accordance with the requirements of this new era. We do these screenings for those who go abroad, in prisons and similar groups. The number of tests we have done for those who went abroad by air until today is 490,880. In our screenings, the test was positive in 226 people. We will start the field scan again on October 15th. We will detect cases that test positive even though there are no symptoms.


Although the developments in vaccination have come a long way, they cannot express in such short days. The vaccine is not a remedy for those who do not protect themselves from the virus. The measures that were held very tightly from the beginning in the epidemic are loosening. The risk is spreading to a wider base. Those who test positive and those who are in contact must comply with the isolation rules. As the ministry, we take the necessary measures. Outbreaks require local intervention against spreading foci. We took additional measures by revealing the reasons in places where the cases increased. The second level of face-to-face training started to be implemented last Monday. The way in which Turkey had the floor creates the zero point of the outbreaks is located in the Science Board guidance. This board is our greatest strength. I would like to thank our teachers again and again at every meeting.


I did not give you detailed information about the local vaccine group that started to form in July. I believe we have reached this stage today. There are experts who directly manage vaccination studies. These studies are carried out by a team of 600 people. Currently, 2 of the vaccines are close to the human experimental stage. Looking at the history of infectious diseases, it is seen that vaccines are not readily available. The current situation will of course be different. But it is known that there is an inherent challenge. The estimated time for vaccination at the beginning of the epidemic was at least 12, on average, 18 months. As the epidemic started to fill 1 year, important developments were made. China, Russia and some countries have passed human trials for the vaccine. This is the situation in the world regarding vaccines. Although hope is found very high, caution should not be left behind. If anyone is skeptical, intelligence is not distributed by country in the world. Science is devotional. Turkey has offered all facilities to require the vaccine scientists. I urge you to believe the scientists, the measures they propose, and the fight against the epidemic, without showing frustration.


The number of our patients today is 671. The number of deaths is 57.The number of patients recovered is 396. Number of tests: 115 thousand 328

Last minute: Minister Kocadan important statements after the Scientific Committee Meeting

© Provided by Hürriyet
Last minute: Minister Kocadan important statements after the Scientific Committee Meeting


Last minute: Minister Kocadan important statements after the Scientific Committee Meeting

© Provided by Hürriyet
Last minute: Minister Kocadan important statements after the Scientific Committee Meeting


WILL NEW MEASURES BE TAKEN IN ISTANBUL?In general, we were expecting an increase with returns in Istanbul. We are not currently considering a measure in terms of restriction. We have further increased our filming teams in the field. The time to especially detect their contacts with the teams in the field was 7-7 and a half minutes. We do not see a serious increase in hospitalizations. Occupancy rates are OK. Mask use and distance are very important in this period to prevent contamination. Crowded environments should not be entered. We see that there is more domestic transmission. We know that we get results by obeying the precautions in our increasing provinces and by increasing the film in the field. We know from our work in Diyarbakır in Ankara. Therefore, we now know how this rise will decrease as a society.


In recent weeks, it has been a hot topic. It has been an issue since the day we defined the case and patient. Our fight against the pandemic cases in Turkey, we gölgelemeyel concept with patients. We are among the countries that test people with symptoms in our treatment guide. In addition to the tests we have done on people with this symptom, we have had cross-sectional scans since July, ie, cross-sectional scans such as tests performed during the period of transitions between countries, tests performed during summons and discharge periods, tests performed on athletes. We also had field scans. As of tomorrow, families have been identified, we will be repeating this fieldwork before it is too late. As of July, we defined people who had the symptom we defined as a patient and had a positive test. Since there were no cross-sectional studies before, we used the patient definition to be transparent to the citizen.

We will also report the personal screening to WHO as of today. This was to make the distinction. It was nothing different. There was an attempt to scan in addition to the testing policy. It was to explain this to our citizens in a transparent way. It was to make that distinction. Therefore, there should not be a question mark in minds. HEPP includes every case that we have seen positive from the beginning. As a result, you go beyond the struggle with the pandemic you made on the field. We never make concessions on the field for the pandemic. That’s why we get results. Our citizen can be sure of all the information we have given since the beginning of the pandemic.


In this period, we want to know the course of the epidemic among the students who started face-to-face education. We will evaluate the number of cases related to the age group that started after 2 weeks and we will have a gradual transition. Therefore, an evaluation will be made according to the result of the 3-week process.


I have mentioned that a vaccine is in the production phase, I said that the second vaccine is also very close. The filling of the 1st vaccine has ended in production today. It will go into the sterility study tomorrow. This period is 2 weeks on average. Identification of people to be vaccinated, quarantine and tests will be in question during this period. We will have recruited volunteers after 2 weeks. The production phase for the second vaccine has reached. We will report it in 1 or 2 weeks according to the developments. Faz3 China and abroad began working in Turkey. When we see its effect on our citizens, we are capable of making decisions accordingly. No negativity has been seen for now. We will evaluate after 3-4 weeks.


There is a false perception about the flu vaccine. During this period, there is an approach that everyone needs to be vaccinated. There is a 20% increase in vaccine flu in the world. If there is a vaccine that TEB finds licensed abroad, it can bring it. If it is an unlicensed vaccine, it can tell us. If license in Turkey, we are ready to receive this vaccine out of the DMO to public health. The vaccine only protects against 1 virus. That vaccine is effective against whichever it was developed against. Let’s care more about the mask and distance than the vaccine. But we will start at the forefront of our risky citizens.

WILL NEW MEASURES BE TAKEN?We never consider any additional restrictions. We know that it has been increasing in Europe in the last weeks. And I think it will increase even more in the coming weeks. Countries other than ours are striving not to take measures. Again, our difference from Europe is that we do extensive testing. In addition, we closely follow the film that is not available in many countries of the world. Europe does not do this. We start testing when there are 2 symptoms. We also make contact tracking for these people. We call and check the people we isolate with the call system every day. All these make us advantageous against countries abroad in combating the pandemic. Here in Europe, when there was an increase and a change of seasons, we started to decrease 3-4 weeks ago. Why this happened thanks to the measures we implemented. While Europe increased every day, there were decreases in Ankara. It is possible to reduce this without serious restrictions. In particular, we need to pay attention to 3 rules and enter crowded environments. Common visits should not be made at home, either.


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