“In 22 days we will win and you will love me even more”

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He promised a sparkling return, he kept his word. On Monday, October 12, US President Donald Trump returned to the election campaign, holding his first rally since he contracted the coronavirus on October 2. The Donald took the stage in Sanford, about thirty kilometers north of Orlando. The rally in Florida, a must-see state for Trump, kicks off a week of aggressive travel for the president, which also includes stops in Pennsylvania, Iowa and North Carolina.

Strong voice, red tie and anchor posture, the tycoon, 74 years old, appeared in dazzling form, sending supporters into a frenzy, who flocked more numerous and adoring than ever. “I feel powerful”, assured Trump, reiterating that he is immune to the point of being able to go down into the crowd and “kiss young and beautiful women.” Earlier, White House doctor Sean Conley said the president tested negative for the swab.

“In 22 days we will win Florida and the presidency,” assures Trump in the town of “I-4 Corridor”, the region that takes its name from the highway that connects Tampa to Daytona Beach. It was his first rally since he was diagnosed with the coronavirus on October 2. The result of the “I-4 Corridor” generally anticipates the electoral verdict of Florida which often then decides the race for the White House. Polls see Democratic challenger Joe Biden marginally ahead in Florida where Trump won by just 1.2 points in 2016, but the tycoon’s Monday night crowd raises some questions. “These are the real polls,” claims The Donald as he asks the cameras to turn the lens on the truly huge crowd that shouted at him in chorus: “We love you”.

Trump in Florida galvanizes fans: I could kiss you all

With his well-known modesty he replied: “And you will love me even more” because “I keep my promises and I always wear America First”. Biden also announced that he had swabbed and tested negative. The former vice president campaigned in Toledo, Ohio, a major auto manufacturing hub. He accused the commander-in-chief of having “turned his back” on the Americans over the coronavirus but stumbled upon a series of gaffes that were promptly reprimanded by Trump, starting with the fact that he said to run for the Senate rather than for the House Bianca.

Biden “will lose big in Florida,” Trump tweeted shortly before his meeting in the State of the Sun. “Only fake polls show the opposite”, the former vice president “is thinking of running for the Senate. He forgot the name of Mitt Romney – Mr. President added – and where he was. ” Meanwhile, the deaths from Covid in the USA have exceeded 215,000 while the infections are over 7.7 million. Virologist Anthony Fauci warned that the situation is bound to get worse. “We’re not in good shape,” he warned during an interview with CNN. “The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself,” was the indirect reply of the president who recalled how the lockdowns have destroyed the economy of entire countries around the world.

Over ten million Americans, meanwhile, have already voted for the American presidential elections, a record 21 days before the elections. This was revealed by data from the University of Florida, which monitors the progress of early voting through the Us Election Project. In 2016, three weeks before Election Day, the votes cast were far fewer. This year’s surge is mainly explained by the boom in postal voting, with many voters who preferred it in times of pandemic rather than going to the polls on November 3.


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