In 24 hours, 80 thousand doses of influenza vaccine are finished in Coahuila

In 24 hours, 80 thousand doses of influenza vaccine are finished in Coahuila

In 24 hours 80 thousand doses of influenza vaccine ran out that arrived from the federal level to the Ministry of Health of Coahuila, informed the head of the department Roberto Bernal Gómez, adding thate next Wednesday the next shipment of a total of 900 thousand doses that are committed will arrive by the federation.

In 24 hours 80 thousand doses of influenza vaccine ran out. (Special)

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In 24 hours 80 thousand doses of influenza vaccine ran out. (Special)

The state official clarified that It is not a universal vaccination but is only aimed at the population at risk, which in this case are over 60 years of age, under five years of age, pregnant women, health personnel and immunocompromised people.

“I have the promise of the federation that on Wednesday I will receive the next shipment, we are going to do some types of strategies so as not to saturate and that all people do not go to be vaccinated at once.

This staggered application would be first for the elderly, then health personnel and finally children and pregnant women, in order to avoid crowds in hospitals.

Said as soon as the doses arrived, they were applied and some were even “loaned” to institutions such as the Mexican Social Security Institute, which must “return” them. to the State Health System.

He held that all jurisdictions had vaccines and these were distributed according to population densityHe accepted that many people have come who do not cover the characteristics to apply the vaccine and before this, more doses have been obtained in private media but “there is not, nor buying it”.

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Added that there was even a request from a group of industrialists, but the point is that there are not, nor are the laboratories producing at the moment.

He abounded quLast Friday there was a meeting with Dr. Juan Antonio Ferrer from the Health Institute for Well-being and people from the Pan American Health Organization, who gave good comments on how Coahuila has treated the pandemic.

Regarding the deconversion of the hospitals that had provided exclusive service of covid 19, which was scheduled to occur in the next few days in order to resume surgical procedures that had to be delayed specifically in Monclova, the health minister said that this has been done gradually.

“The idea is to convert the hospitals; We are removing Covid beds as time passes and we do not need them and we are removing everything that we had pending to remove, such as bariatric surgeries, cleft lip surgeries, the application of botox; Last week we operated around 15 cases in Monclova of knee and hip replacement, and we are restarting those programs ”.

Bernal Gómez said that It will depend on how the traffic light behaves and as it continues to descend the procedures will be increased, since a protocol must be followed and people must test negative for covid-19 24 hours prior to the intervention.

Finally, Dr. Bernal spoke of the budget cuts and said that if the amount corresponding to catastrophic expenses of INSABI is reduced or removed the economy of those who have the least will be seriously affected, but he specified that this has not yet been determined.



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