In autumn 2020 we will be relying on gray jeans!

In autumn 2020 we will be relying on gray jeans!

Fall 2020 fashion trend: gray jeans Getty Images

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Fall 2020 fashion trend: gray jeans Getty Images

  • We give blue jeans a short break in autumn and instead focus on gray models
  • This jeans trend is defined by a loose cut and a high waist
  • It’s best to combine jeans with clothes of the same color for a monochrome look

While you try to skilfully ignore the monotonous gray of the season, this color is more welcome in your own style. Here the nuance is not the epitome of autumnal dreariness, but instead stands for elegance, timelessness, good style. So why not rely on this non-color for classics as well and include gray in the variety of jeans trends.

For this reason and an extremely convincing look from Bella Hadid on the catwalk of Alberta Ferretti So let’s go for gray this autumn Jeansthat are not noticed by the color, but by the loose cut and fashionable styling. So you almost forget why other colors could have any relevance at all and much rather choose a conscious gray from head to toe. Thanks to this new spin, the nuance in its various nuances can provide anticipation. Even – or especially – in autumn.

Gray jeans have to look like this in autumn!

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In addition to the given color, the jeans of choice can sit high in the waist in autumn and put an accent on the center of the body – after all, with all the oversized cuts you need to emphasize your own figure every now and then. From this point on, however, the jeans can run loosely and be based on the cuts of wide or straight leg jeans.

In terms of washing, the jeans trend is approached just as timelessly as in terms of color and models that look more subtle are chosen. So you can not only use gray jeans universally in your own style, but above all combine monochrome looks that are so relevant this autumn. By the way: This season, jeans with extra length are particularly stylish, either tucked into the shaft of their boots or too high Ankle Boots stylt.

So versatile: We wear gray jeans as a fashion trend in autumn!

If you still need a sure fashion trend for the new season, gray jeans are the right choice – these pants not only look classic, but also manage to integrate a number of trends. So you would like to combine them with clothes of the same color and let autumn run under the sign of monochrome. It’s best to choose a matching turtleneck, gray boots with wide soles and one Blazerwho can still have a light diamond. But white shirts or a beige oversized knitted sweater are also good options for looking subtle and stylish in autumn.

In addition, the wide cut of the jeans dictates a few rules for the look: while the wide hem is best tucked into the boots, the top is hidden in the waistband of the pants. These styling tips not only play with proportions, they also make the fashion trend appear both high-quality and surprising.


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