in Calabria trees as tall as buildings

in Calabria trees as tall as buildings

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Milan, 12 Oct (askanews) – A centuries-old wood with trees as tall as buildings in the heart of Calabria. It is the land of the Giants of Sila, a spectacle of nature in the homonymous Calabrian national park that has survived intact for over 400 years. Celebrated for the majesty by Virgil and Pliny in their writings, since 2016 it has been entrusted to the Fai which protects its beauty and memory, explains the Fai manager Simona Lo Bianco. “Our task is to protect this place and pass it on, therefore enhancement activities, making known the naturalistic but also cultural value of this place; they are monumental trees on them there is a constraint as if they were paintings, entering here is like entering an open-air museum “. The Giants reopened in late May, immediately after the lockdown. “La Sila has been invaded by tourists and the giants are the most visited Fai property in Italy with 18,600 visitors in August alone, people want not only to discover nature but also the beauties that surround them.”


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