In Emily in Paris there was not a single bob cut and this is why

In Emily in Paris there was not a single bob cut and this is why

Did you notice something special in Emily in Paris? No, I’m not talking about the incredible costume design that has been talked about so much in recent days, now it’s about a beauty detail: hair. At first glance, you might think there is nothing new to report, but pay attention: Have you already noticed that bobs are conspicuous by their absence?

And Emily in Paris was it a novel, I would imagine Emily Cooper would wear her hair in a blunt bob, the haircut in which many of us have given up in a fleeting episode of fashion victims, but we are not talking about a book, we are talking about a series in which the protagonist is already given by a dazzling Lily Collins with a melena XL why I would have gone out of my way at 18.

© Vogue Mexico and Latin America
La melena larga domina los beauty looks de Emily in Paris.

In recent years, all versions of the bob have been embraced by countless women around the world to the point that the long hair it came to be considered outdated. Being a series where all the Parisian elements stand out until exhaustion, it would not have been strange that the bob carré (that hair style that you saw in ribbons like Amélie) was present in each chapter, but it was not like that.

While Emily Cooper y Mindy Chen they wore their wavy hair, long and styled with a perfect line in the middle (for their day to day), Camille also wore it XL, but in its more effortless, with that careful ‘just up’ effect that characterizes Parisian women. Silvie, or the epitome of French elegance, used a meticulously styled lob in waves with a side bangs. What happened to the bobs? Wasn’t it the French women who dominated this trend without using anything but air to dry your short manes?

Emily in Paris is ahead of hair trends for 2021

Long hair dominated the catwalks in Paris. From left to right: Anton Belinskiy, Chloé and Paco Rabbane.

© Vogue Mexico and Latin America
Long hair dominated the catwalks in Paris. From left to right: Anton Belinskiy, Chloé and Paco Rabbane.

Everything seems to indicate that Emily in Paris came forward at beauty trends for 2021, one of the many that we saw in the last Fashion Weeks was precisely that of the long hair, long. Goodbye bobs, goodbye pixies, goodbye everything that has to do with taking inches out of your hair.

It is possible that the inspiration of many designers to present their beauty looks It has been the year that we are living, one in which the months passed from the living rooms of our houses, with our manes growing little by little each month. We said goodbye to the iron and the dryer to give way to natural oils and masks that would allow us show off the perfect hair no need to apply anything else.

At Paris Fashion Week, examples of melenas XL They are coarse: from the casual and free hair in Paco Rabbane, through the effect wet from Chloé, to the excess of naturalness of Anton Belinskiy; and this only in Paris, because the long hair It also spread its strands in exhibitors (face-to-face and digital) in Milan, London and New York.

The territory of the haircutsLike fashion, it is changeable and you should never take anything for granted. On catwalks we saw the reign of the longest length, but it can also happen that the it girls that we follow on Instagram set a different course. In its first season, the stylists of Emily in Paris made the decision: the hair will be long or not, Which is your side?


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