In Germany schools don’t close, “They are not outbreaks”

In Germany schools don't close,

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AGI – Schools and kindergartens will not close their doors in Germany despite the sharp increase in infections, which according to the Robert Koch Institute exceeded 7,000 new cases per day. According to the minister for the family, Franziska Giffey, the blocking of school life will be “only the very last means” and that such a measure “is not foreseen for now”. Of the same opinion the president of the conference of ministers for the education of the Laender, Stefanie Hubig: “We all agree that the right to education remains the highest priority. For students, teachers and even parents it is crucial that lessons take place face to face.”

According to Giffey and Hubig, the numbers show that schools and kindergartens are not the “propagators” of the coronavirus pandemic. According to reports from the Robert Koch Institut and the German Youth Institute, less than 1 percent of kindergartens have had to close their doors due to infections in the past few weeks. Less than ten small outbreaks have been registered, out of a total of about 57 thousand kindergartens.

The risk increases with age

The Minister of Health also agrees Jens Spahn: in children up to five years of age the infection rate is decidedly lower than the average, as well as among boys and young people most of the courses are very light.

According to the Roberto Koch Institut – the national epidemiological center – the risk of getting sick and infecting others increases with age. Overall, around 98% of students have been able to attend face-to-face classes so far, according to a survey carried out by Laender education ministers.

Out of about 100 million students, a total of tens of thousands of young people had to undergo temporary quarantines. Nonetheless, many Laender must wear masks during lessons, for example in Bavaria and North-Rhine Westphalia. As for the swabs, these are carried out only when there is a suspicion of contagion: to date, there are no ‘mass’ tests in German schools.


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