“In my REP + college, kids easily comply with health rules”


In a school in Paris on April 14.

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In a school in Paris on April 14.

Each week, an actor of this 2020-2021 school year under the sign of Covid-19 tells about what is happening behind the walls of schools. Today, Marie, 40, Senior Education Advisor (CPE) in a college.

From school to college, the coronavirus epidemic is shaking like a coconut palm. In this column, Libé collects bits of life from the inside, behind the walls of schools. Words from teachers, students, school nurses, parents … Qui, over the weeks, depict in small touches this year 2020-2021, necessarily apart.

Today, Marie, Senior Education Advisor (CPE) in a college in Champigny-sur-Marne (Val-de-Marne).

“I asked for a transfer this year to this college in the heart of the city of Bois-l’Abbé, where there was a recent attack on the police station with fireworks. I wanted to go to a REP + establishment, where I would feel even more useful. It is on a human scale, 370 students, which allows me to take more time with the young people. There are complicated social issues but they are very endearing kids, very respectful.

“Here, contrary to the prejudices that some people may have, health rules are well respected. The students learned to live with this epidemic and its constraints. They are not afraid for themselves but are aware of the risks they can put their families at. So the kids are very responsible and follow the rules quite easily. They were never given any sanctions for that. When we tell them to put their mask back on, it is because most of the time they just slipped under their nose, since they are a bit tall. When that happens, the kids apologize and bring it up without a problem.

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“We are well off because we have enough masks and hydroalcoholic gel. We have put a sense of movement in place but we are not preventing them from doing everything either because of the Covid. We are doing our best so that the children do not feel the health crisis and that this new school year goes smoothly because these kids live in precarious conditions. The college is for them a parenthesis in the life of the city. They believe in school and what it can bring them and parents trust us. ”


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